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I have to admit, I am an avid Netflix watcher! I love binge watching Netflix TV Shows. I’m not one for films (I don’t really know why), but a good TV Series… I love. So, I thought I would share with you my top 10 Netflix shows. Don’t worry, there are no spoilers!

  1. Orphan Black – I feel like this is a show not many people have watched, and really not all that many people talk about, but I LOVE it! It’s a Netflix Original about a group of clones who find out about their creation and deal with all the stuff that goes along with being a clone. There’s one clone (the main character) who just discovers who she is, and has a daughter – who is an anomaly. It’s dark, action filled, and an amazing programme!
  2. Once Upon A Time – This is fairy time character meet modern day America. It’s another Netflix Original about a town called Story Brooke in America where there lives a number of Story Book characters who have been cursed, and so banished from their homeland. The TV series alternates between modern day and the characters previous life back in their magical homelands. A brilliant programme, and a must see!
  3. Orange Is The New Black – No Netflix Top 10 is complete without this programme! I mean seriously, people obsess over this. It’s a Netflix Original about a Female Correctional Prison and the stories and relationships of the inmates.
  4. Merlin – The first one on the list which isn’t an original. I want to say this was aired on BBC (but it may have been Channel 4)… to be honest, it doesn’t matter. This show follows the beginning of Merlin and his relationship with King Arthur and his learning of his magic. I LOVED this programme when I watched it and was so sad when it finished.
  5. Pram Face – Now this is a light hearted comedy about a 20 and 17 (may be 16.. don’t remember) who get pregnant after a one night stand, and it follows how they tell their parents, and deal with having a baby together, and their up and down relationship. Great giggle.
  6. Gossip Girl – Oh guys, now this is a classic. But one I love to watch through once in a while. A TV Show about the lives of the wealthy in New York.
  7. Vampire Diaries – I remember wanting to watch this when it was on TV but mum saying I was too young. Now I’m older and I’ve watched through the entire show 3 times… whoops! It’s a show with Vampire, Witches, Werewolves, Curses, Dopplegangers, Loves, Loses, everything!
  8. The Originals – A Netflix Original Spin Off of Vampire Diaries following the lives of the original vampires, most notable Klauss. If you love(d) Vampire Diaries, definitely watch this one!
  9. Jessica Jones – If you love new Marvel Films, you will love this. It follows the life of Jessica Jones – a super strong female, acting as a private detective – and her struggle with David Tennant (don’t remember his character’s name) – who is a mind controlling maniac who has an obsession with her. GREAT show! Unfortunately, there is only one series.
  10. Breaking Bad – scary to believe this show was very nearly never shown.. and now, thanks to Netflix it’s popularity has soured. The first few episodes are a bit meh.. and the last series I still haven’t made my mind up about. However, when you get over that, this show is amazing!!


What are your favourite Netflix Shows?


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