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It’s no secret that a lockdown has increased online streaming! And it’s also no secret that I’m definitely more of a TV show person to a film goer. And I’ve now pretty much tried every subscription service in the books; Netflix (top spot of course), Amazon Prime, Disney + & Britbox, and while I definitely prefer some to others, I thought I would share some of my favourite programmes to watch in lockdown

Obviously I love all the traditional programmes (Friday Night Dinner, Vampire Diaries etc etc. See an old post here: Bingeworthy Netflix Shows), but thought I’d share some new loves with you. Programmes I’ve only recently discovered, or who have recently released new seasons

Humans – Britbox | I seriously don’t get how this isn’t a bigger thing. It’s a brilliantly made programme with some great actors in it. The general gist of the programme is there are lifelike robots across the world working in factories, helping out in the home, doing anything you could think of. But some of them can think and feel. And it all goes from there… Just amazing! And you can never quite predict where it’s going to go.

My Mad Fat Diary – Britbox | One of the better classic E4 programmes. Based on a book, it follows the life of Ray Earl as she navigates returning to school and college after a stay in a mental ward. It’s a lot more light hearted than it sounds, but it does get serious at times.

Victoria – Britbox | I missed this when it was on TV, but I’ve recently caught up. I’m not the biggest costume drama fan, but Jenna Coleman makes an exceptional Victoria and it’s very well made! Can’t speak much for the accuracy of it (no monarch expert me), but good fun!

Schitt’s Creek – Netflix | This is one of those quirky shows that I could imagine being like marmite, but I love it! It follows a very wealthy (and slightly brattish) family in their fall from grace when they lose everything. The episodes are super lighthearted and the characters are easily lovable. And it’s one of those series where the episodes are really short and you rattle through it at alarming rates!

The Stranger – Netflix | I read the book before the series, which meant I knew the ending. But it didn’t stop it from being amazing! I really hope they don’t make a second season or try and drag out the story line, because I loved it. I loved the pace and the story line is great!

Working Mums – Netflix | If you haven’t seen this programme? where have you been? It’s such a great representation of being a working mum. It’s raw and real and deeply amusing. And it reminds me how much I don’t want to be a mother… hah!

Orphan Black – Netflix | A proper deep and dark one, and quite a commitment when it comes to watching (because you do have to focus), but a great watch all the same. It follows the lives of clones, and they meet and try and work out how they go there. The twists and turns of this show are sometimes a lot, but it was such a great show!

Good Omens – Amazon | David Tennant meets Terry Pratchett? You’re on to a winner. It’s that old school BBC humour with modern graphics. Literally loved this show so so much, and lots of subtle piss takes of Omen. Also, the book is great!

The Mandalorian – Disney+ | I’ve really not been impressed with Disney + if I’m completely honest (don’t come for me!). But this is definitely one of the diamonds on there! If you’re a fan of the Star Wars universe, this is like the sarcastic cousin. I like how it has subtle nods to the films, but not in a convoluted way. And it’s funny!

Glow Up – BBC iPlayer| If you’re a fan of makeup (which, as you’re on here, I assume you are), Stacey Dooley presents a bake off style programme where we try to find the next best makeup artist! In every episode the young MUAs have to complete a task in the ‘real world’ and then in the second half they complete a brief in the studio. And some of the makeup looks they make are stunning!

And while there are a million more programmes I binge watch on the daily, thought I’d share just a selection with you today!

Have you seen any of them? And would you recommend?

Katie x

13 thoughts on “Bingeworth TV Shows To Watch Online

    1. I hate when they make second series’ when the story wrapped up so nearly (13 reasons why comes to mind)! So fingers crossed they leave this as is. Thanks for reading x

  1. I tried watching Orphan Black but often I’d just have it on in the background and I’d be totally lost by the plot. Seems like I should really give it my full attention instead! xo

  2. Love love love Workin Moms! My friend and I watched all of season 4 in one sitting. Saying that, I also watched The Stranger in one go – but that’s because I’m a wimp and need to know what happens before I can sleep at night. Love these kind of posts x

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