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Who doesn’t love a good Netflix show? I know I sure do! I have so many programmes on my ‘saved’ list I don’t possibly know how I can get through them all.. safe to say, here I am, adding a load more to your list… sorry not sorry.

Sense 8 | This is a recent discovery of mine, and I’m already near the end of the second series! It’s a story about 8 people across the world who are connected and can feel and think and share emotions, skills and memories. Kind of cool. Kind of confusion. The camera work on this TV series is insane!

The Big Bang Theory | A classic, everyone has watched this, but they’ve just uploaded a new series. Such a good feel good programme about friendships and relationships.

Black Mirror | They’re like mini-films in a TV series trying to get you to think abut different issues our dependence on technology presents. Some of the episodes are a bit naff, but some of them are exceptional! Well worth a watch if you’re into something a little more unusual

The IT Crowd | One of the best TV shows to have come out. I love the fact they stopped it while it was still good rather than trying to drag it out over months until everyone gets fed up! Comedy about two IT technicians who are stereotypical nerds and their new manager who hasn’t got a clue about what she’s doing.

Girl Boss | The TV version of the book which is in turn about the founder of Nasty Girl. This is a TV show full of sass… so much sass! Well worth a watch!

Originals | If you like Vampire Diaries, then you will love this! It follows the lives of the original vampire family, it can get a little like ‘another bad guy wants you dead, we get it already’, but still a great TV show!

Skins | Oh Skins, the show of the late 00s early 10s! Following the lives of very unruly sixth formers the first 4 series of this is amazing! One of those shows I’ve watched more times that I can count!

Gilmore Girls | The feel good programme of choice for many people. And with the colder months coming up where lattes are the one! Who doesn’t love watching Lorelei Gilmore obsess over coffee?

There are obviously SO many TV shows that I love to bingewatch, but I thought I would share with you some of them for now, as the winter months roll in. What are your favourites?

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  1. I loved sense 8! It was so bizarre but cool. It was the kind of show I never recommended cause like how do you even explain it πŸ˜€ it’s a pity it got cancelled but I think there’s a plan to do a Netflix movie to tie up loose ends.

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