Trip to Belfast 2015

Day 1
Victoria Square and Walking Around



Day 2
Brunch, Queens, Botanic Gardens, Museum





Day 3
Big Fish, Aunt Sandra’s Candy Factory, Belfast Giants Game









Day 4



I am currently in a new relationship (we’ve been together nearly 3 months now), and after showing him the excitement that is Blunham (a tiny little village with nothing in it, and miles from anything at all), he wanted to show my his home town; Belfast.
Highlights include:
Harlem Food and Wine – if you find yourself in Belfast city centre, this cafe/restaurant is amazing! A little pricey, and it was pretty hectic when we went. But, the food is amazing! The chips are literally to die for, and my chicken Caesar wrap was super nommy!
Belfast Botanic Gardens – I love Botanic Gardens, not living far from Cambridge, I’ve visited their one on numerous occasions. Although Belfast’s is significantly smaller, it’s free, and there are still some great photos to be taken!
Aunt Sandra’s Candy Factory – Ok, after we got there we discovered the average age of attendees were 7… but it was still good fun! There’s a man with the strongest Belfast accent telling you he’s Willy Wonka’s Cousin, telling you his story. Before demonstrating how to make bubblegum sweets and candy floss (which you get to eat!)!
Belfast Giants – Although I had no idea what the rules were, and for the large majority of the match couldn’t work out why people were being fouled.. it was great! The atmosphere is amazing! They give out free food, and have silly competitions during the intervals, you get your selfies up on the big screen, and you sit with all the local Belfast supporters to watch one of the most popular Ice Hockey teams play!
Shopping! – I guess you can theoretically go shopping anywhere… and although that may be the case, shopping in Belfast is really nice! Victoria Square is the main shopping centre, with nearly every shop you could need, in a nice, modern, clean space. And if you go to the top floor (which we did on the first day), you get a great view of the city centre!

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