How I Store My Makeup






I tried to be as imaginative as I could with my make up storage, and I’m really happy with how it’s looking, and I thought I’d share with you a few of the methods I use to sort my makeup out:

I try to keep it altogether, emptying makeup bags, and my bag itself. This means that I am more likely to use more of my makeup, and so less of it goes to waste. And I store most of it in a drawer so that they are stored in the dark and dry, and it’s easy to see them all laid out flat. I keep my nail polishes on show, but out of direct sunlight, means I’m more likely to use all of them, but they won’t get damaged as easily as they would on the windowsill. 

As storage, I used old boxes cut up as storage to save money, and because I had them around. But many people use small plastic pots from Muji as well, which create the same effect, but cost more. I then sort my makeup by sections; foundation/concealer, face, eye shadow, lips, mascara/eyeliner.

On top of my dressers I wanted the space to look a little more interesting, and so I went onto pintrest (love that site for inspiration). I’ve used a toast slice holder to hold most of my palettes, as it looks cleaner and gets them used more often. I currently store some of my current favourite lipsticks in what is meant to be a spice rack. I picked this one up from a charity shop, but it’s a really nice, creative way to show them off.

How do you store your makeup? Let me know in the comments.

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