New | Rimmel Insta CC Primer

Rimmel Insta CC Primer Review
Rimmel Insta CC Primer Review

So Rimmel have launched 3 primers in different colours – one in Peach, one in Lilac and one in Green. Each meant to target a different skin issue I decided to pick up the one that perfectly targets the issue I have – the Rimmel Insta CC Primer in Green. These primers are £6.99 and come in a traditional squeezy tube with the colour clearly displayed on the front.

Rimmel Insta CC Primer Review

Meant to counteract redness, this primer has a green tint. Positive – the green doesn’t show up on your face, so you don’t look ill… or like you’re trying to be the hulk. Negative – the colour doesn’t show up at all. My face is just as red as before I apply it. Even after a few minutes while I let the skin settle after I’ve rubbed it. The whole green thing in this primer is a bit of a gimick to me.

Rimmel Insta CC Primer Review

In terms of a normal primer, it does help a little with pores and a tiny bit with foundation longevity.. however I really do believe there are much better primers out there. It kind of feels like one of those products that doesn’t really do much.

I’m not bashing the brand in anyway shape or form! Rimmel have some of my favourite foundations, powders and lipsticks and their recent Eyeshadow palette (the warm neutral one) is amazing! Just this one isn’t for me.

Have you tried this? If so, what are your thoughts?

Katie x

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14 thoughts on “New | Rimmel Insta CC Primer

  1. I don’t know if this whole color correcting thing is a sham ore not because I’ve only tried drugstore color correcting products and so far they have all been a sham for me! Have you tried any brands from Sephora and are they any better?

    1. I’ve found the exact same! And because the drugstore ones haven’t worked, I’ve never wanted to spend more on them, so I haven’t tried any higher end ones I’m afraid 🙁 x

  2. This actually worked fantastic for me and I have Rosacea (severely). I feel it worked better than NYX. It went on so smooth and felt very moisturizing and good for my skin. It also did a wonderful job of correcting my redness without any crazy green showing, it just blended perfect into my skin and fixed that red. LOVE IT!

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