The Best of This Year’s Advent Calendars!

The Best of This Year's Advent Calendars!
The Best of This Year's Advent Calendars!

It’s that time of year again! And I won’t mention the C word don’t worry! But we’re already heading face first into advent calendar season! It’s at moments like this I wish I was made of money! However, unfortunately I’m not! So, I thought I’d put together a wishlist of all the advent calendars I’d buy if I had like £1200… which obviously… I don’t!

I’ve put them in order of release! Enjoy!

Makeup Revolution Advent Calendar

Makeup Revolution – £50 – Available Now at Superdrug

I feel like Makeup Revolution is the go to for the affordable calendar brands. At full prize I feel like this is quite a lot, but if the last few years are anything to go by, Superdrug will reduce the calendar around October/November time.

The only reason I wouldn’t buy this, is I feel like I’d rather just spend £50 on things I want. There is also a mahussive Makeup Revolution tree for £120…

Rituals Advent Calendar

Rituals – £59.50 or £89 – Available Now at Rituals/John Lewis

There are two version of this calendar depending on your budget… but then again they’re very similar prices. Rituals is a GREAT brand and the Christmas tree design is adorable!

The Body Shop Advent Calendar

The Body Shop – £45, £65, £99 – Available Now at Body Shop

I have had the Body Shop advent calendar two years now and I think it really is a GREAT one! I do feel like it contains a lot of hand and body creams… but then again, this is what the Body Shop does very well! They have three different boxes at different price brackets and it’s a nice one for a mix of skincare and makeup!

John Lewis Advent Calendar

John Lewis – £165 – Available Now at John Lewis

I’ve actually never really looked into this one before, but it really is tickling my fancy! The only reason I’m not buying it, is that I don’t actually have £165… However, there are some great brands in here like Lancome, REN, Laura Mercier, Elemis, Aveda, NARS and Clarins.

Glossybox Advent Calendar

Glossybox – £99 (£75 for subscribers) – Available for preorder in September and order in October

I really really want this one! It’s a newbie and I bet it’s going to be a good one! Glossybox has some AMAZING products in it and I bet the calendar will be no different. This will probably sell out fast…

Clinique Advent Calendar

Clinique – £76 – Available From 14 September at Selfridges

I’m LOVING the colourful baul baul pattern! Brace yourself… I haven’t ever tried anything from Clinique! And so I feel like this would be an AMAZING introduction to the brand.

L’Oreal Luxe Advent Calendar

L’Oreal Luxe – £130 – Available From 26 September at Selfridges

It’s at moments like this you realise just how many brands L’Oreal own. This box looks amazing, full of so many high end makeup, skincare and fragrance brands.. I’m not so sure I’m convinced by the disco pattern.

Look Fantastic Advent Calendar

Look Fantastic – £79 – Available for pre-order from 7 September at Look Fantastic

I’m totally getting this one, I’ve had it the last two years and it’s been hands down my favourite calendar (maybe on par with the M&S advent calendar). It’s the perfect mixture of skincare, haircare and makeup and the brands are incredible!

Elle Magazine Advent Calendar

ELLE Magazine – £125 – Available from 1 October

Another newbie and another I really want to try! I feel like Elle is a go to magazine for women and they know what they’re talking about! With the sneak peaks I’ve seen this will be a cracker and I really want it… just don’t want the £125 price tag….

harrods-beauty-advent-calenddar-2018-gallery-1533809746Harrods – £250 – Available from 1 October at Harrods

The Harrods beauty advent calendar is back and it’s once again one of the most expensive ones. The front is beautifully designed as always and it has some amazing brands in it like Sunday Riley, Tata Harper, Sisley, Charlotte Tilbury and By Terry.

Birchbox Advent Calendar

Birchbox – £65 – Available on 2 and 3 October at Birchbox

This is a box I missed out on last year because it sold out! And I really really wanted it. Like Glossybox, Birchbox have some great brands in it!

You Beauty Advent Calendar

You Beauty – £60 – Available from early October

Another one I’ve had before. The products are said to be chosen by experts in the industry and promise to be the best names in the business. I’m intrigued to see what this year’s got in store!

NYX Advent Calendar

NYX – £50 – Available from 10 October at Boots and Very

NYX is an incredible incredible brand! This year it has fan-fave formulas in 24 new shades!

Feel Unique Advent Calendar

Feel Unique – £75 – Available from 15 October at Feel Unique

I mean just look at that collection of items! Stunning! Truly stunning! Not sure on the design, but the product this year look… just the best!

Liberty Advent Calendar

Liberty – £195 – Available from 24 October at Liberty

I’ve sorry this box is just delightful! I kinda love how it’s not too christmassy so you could get away with re-purposing it for something! With over £600 of beauty goodies it’s certainly a good deal! Just not sure I have £195…

Fenwick Advent Calendar

Fenwick – £150 – Available in October at Fenwick

I’ve never really considered a Fenwick advent calendar before, but I really really love the design of it, so thought I’d chuck it in! Also, I can see a few things in there that look great! Also… I’m one of those people that just can’t justify advent calendars over £100…

Sleek Advent Calendar

Sleek Makeup – £35 – Available in October at Boots

I really do love Sleek makeup and I really do think these advent calendars are so so good for their price range. The only reason I’m not going to pick it up this year is it is full of a lot of pencils and lip stuff.. and I don’t really want anything like that right now.

No 7 Advent Calendar

No7 – £42 – Available in October at Boots

No.7 is hands down one of my favourite all round brands! I feel like they’re a high end brand priced just above drugstore. However, looking at this pic.. the contents really do look very similar to last year… which is a shame!

Debenhams Advent Calendar

Debenhams – £70 – Available from October at Debenhams

The third newbie of the list! I feel like Debenhams is such an underappreciated shop! Their makeup, fashion and homewear stuff is so good! I’m excited to see what they’ll put into their first advent calendar as some of those boxes are pretty big!

Photo from LDN diaries

M&S Advent Calendar

Marks & Spencer – £35 – Available from 6 November at M&S

I think this is the best priced advent calendar of them all! It’s a spend £35 M&S and get it for £35 box and it contains some of the best of the beauty world! I think their previous designs have been much cuter, but I’m still getting it!!!!! Plus, I love how M&S are bold enough to wait until November!

And that’s the end of that! Which one (or ones like me) do you think you’re gunna pick up this year?

Katie x

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