New | Max Factor Setting Spray

Max Factor Setting Spray

I’ve become the setting spray addict. I literally can’t get enough. I’m now one of those people who, like Nikkie Tutorials, drenches their face in a sea of setting spray every morning. But I literally couldn’t care less!

I’m the kind of girl who uses a setting spray because it really does just make you makeup look better, and then the nice side effect is that it makes your makeup last longer.

And, it seems, Max Factor have come out with one – FINALLY! And it’s the Lasting Performance Setting Spray. At £8.99 it’s about in the same mark as the rest of the Drugstore setting sprays (from the like of L’Oreal, Rimmel and Maybelline).

The spray is actually super nice! It’s one of those mists that disperses really nicely all over the face and you don’t get completely drenched! The mist has a really nice scent, which I think smells a little bit like cucumber – which is a scent I’m actually so in love with!

It’s a nice moisturising formula, so it sets everything down without making it look dry and it doesn’t leave any of those weird flecks that setting sprays like the L’Oreal or Maybelline setting sprays do.

The packaging is a little dull and I’m not entirely convinced by it, but the product inside is really really nice!

Have you tried this yet? If so, what are your thoughts?

Katie x

7 thoughts on “New | Max Factor Setting Spray

  1. I really like the Lasting Performance foundation from Max Factor so I’ve no doubt this is just as good! Max Factor doesn’t get enough recognition compared to other drugstore makeup brands in my opinion 🙂


      1. It is such a good foundation, kind of a cross between dewy and matte. I know in some places Max Factor and Covergirl products interchange but Max Factor is higher quality imo x


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