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I’m really loving those face in a palette palettes, because they make travelling so easy! This is Stilla’s Perfect Me Perfect Hue Palette in Fair/Medium… because I’m pale af. At £28, this palette is actually super affordable, and just as the Charlotte Tilbury palette, these are the first products I’ve ever tried from Stilla.

The palette comes with a setting powder, two blushes, a highlight and three eyeshadows. And all of the colours are natural and subtle and create a really natural everyday look. The blushes are pigmented, but can easily be blended out, the powder does the job (I never really know what else to say about powders…), the highlight is more of a super subtle illumination than a highlight (like it’s really subtle), and the eyeshadows are nice but nothing insane. The shadows work really well together, as you would expect, but they’re not insanely pigmented, and I feel like there is something lacking, but I can’t quite put my finger on what it is. However, I do like the end result, so..

I actually like this palette, I have to say it doesn’t get me super excited, but it does its job.

Have you tried this?

Katie x

8 thoughts on “Review | Stilla Perfect Me, Perfect Hue Palette

  1. Totally agree with your final thoughts! Seems like a great little palette that you can rely on but not something that gets your makeup obsession going! Great review though lovely, as always!! xx

      1. I can’t decide because I have all the colour separately, but I love the idea of having them all in one palette! X

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