MUA Burning Embers Palette | Worth The Hype?

Review MUA Burning Embers Palette
Review MUA Burning Embers Palette
Review MUA Burning Embers Palette
Review MUA Burning Embers Palette
Review MUA Burning Embers Palette Swatches

People have been raving about this palette, especially on Instagram, and I was super excited to give it a go. I have tried MUA eyeshadows before and have always been pleasantly surprised by their quality for their price point and so I had high expectations.

At 25 shades for £8, this palette really is a bargain. It comes with a mixture of matte and shimmer shades, all neutral and some with that burn ember undertone. The colours in this palette really call to me and are definitely right up my street. In terms of formula the matte shades are slightly hit and miss; some of them are gorgeous and can be built up to be stunning shades on the eyes, while some of them lack pigment. However, the shades that really steal the show in this palette… and basically every palette I own, are the shimmer shades. They are stunning, like truly stunning. It seems the more metallic the shade, the more stunning it is. They’re pigmented, buttery, super easy to apply and blend, and OMG just look at them.

The two downsides to this palette are basically the same thing. The palette has a lot of kick up in the pan, and so the shades can get a bit messy, and so there is a fair amount of fall out on the face, especially noticeable with the darker shades. However, for the price point, I really feel I can forgive these slight issues.

The staying power is good, not comparable to say that of MAC or Nars, but they do last a good 6 hours before the pigment begins to fade, and it doesn’t end up half way down your face by midday… so it already wins over some other super affordable palettes I’ve tried.

If someone asked to me to recommend them a palette from Boots/Superdrug right now, this would 100% be the one!

Have you tried this? If so, what are your thoughts?

Katie x

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