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Another week down.. it’s scary to think how far we are into the year… but that’s another story. This week I’ve had a number of events to go to as well as a few long days at work, and so I feel like I’ve been wearing quite a few favs and bold lip options this week and so I thought I would share them all with you!

(Swatches go in order from left to right)

Thursday (Work) – NYX Soft Matte Lip Cream in Cannes | I love wearing these lipsticks to work because they wear so well. I mean they may not be the longest wearing lipstick in the world, but they fade like a dream!

Friday (Work) – Rimmel The One Matte in Trendsetter | These are possibly the longest lasting and most comfortable matte lipsticks I’ve ever tried! They glide on like a dream, they’re super comfortable, and this colour is just your perfect nude!

Saturday (Concert Day) – Rimmel Kate Moss in Muse Red | You all know I love these lipsticks, but I was wearing pops of red in my clothing and so the outfit just screamed this lipstick. And paired with the Rimmel lip liner in Red Diva, it lasted really well throughout the concert… and the afterparty 😉

Sunday (Music Society Boat Ball) – Elizabeth Arden Lipstick in Raspberry | The colour of this lipstick perfectly matched that of my dress, so perfectly so people were commenting on it throughout the night. But paired with my Elizabeth Arden lipliner, this was another lip combo that lasted… I even ate dinner, and drank a lot, and sang so very loudly… and it didn’t budge!

Monday (Chill Day) – Topshop Lipstick in Devotion | While the lasting power isn’t quite there in this lipstick, it’s still one of my complete favs! It’s so comfortable, and my perfect colour I literally couldn’t care less if it doesn’t last for hours. Plus, I was at home and so I could keep applying it.

Tuesday (Work) – Mac Velvet Teddy | O.k. I feel like this is 100% a white girl classic… but I actually couldn’t care less, I love this lipstick and it really suits me, and it lasts well!

Wednesday (Work) – Nip + Fab Liquid Lipstick in Marshmallow layered with GOSH Liquid Lipstick in Berry M | If you watch my moving vlog #2 (that will be going up soon), then you will see me rave about this on another day. This lip combo is gorgeous. The staying power of the Nip + Fab with the more moisturising and balmy consistency of the GOSH Liquid lipstick work really well together, and while neither colour is quite right for me at this time of year, the combo of them together…. it gets me excited!

I know I didn’t start the week on the tradition Sunday/Monday, but these were the lipsticks I had on my lips for the week, and I hope you enjoyed this!

Katie x


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