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After trying the Burning Embers Palette from MUA, which I hear everyone raving about, I saw that MUA have 2 others in their 25 eyeshadow format, and so I wanted to own all three of them! The formula, for the price point (£8), is actually really lovely! It’s a tad hit and miss, with some shades performing better than others, but the metallic shades are stunning (especially when applied with your finger/a wet brush), and the matte shades blend really well.

MUA Palettes 3

Ultimate Undressed | £8 Full of a range of super neutral, and a mixture of matte and shimmer, warm and cool, and lighter and darker shades, I feel like this is a perfect palette for those who want one neutral palette to cover all angles. It has a lovely selection of crease shades, liner shades, brow highlights, and shimmers to go all over the lid. There are definitely better blacks out there (Zoeva’s are amazing!), but it’s not unusable.

MUA Palettes 2

Tropical Oceana | £8 I own the MUA popstastic palette, and I have been super impressed with the bright shades in that palette, and so, when I saw this, I did get a little excited. I love how there are a nice array of shades in each colour, and while I probably won’t use the blues or the greens that often, the shades at the top of the palette look gorgeous! These shades are a little harder to work with, you sorta have to go ham or you’ll look a little like you failed with your eyeshadow, but I find all bright shades are like this.

MUA Palettes 1

Burning Embers | £8 This palette is 100% my favourite, the warm, neutral shades with a reddish undertone call to me in a way no other shades do. This palette is just everything I want in a palette, absolutely stunning! You can read my full review, including swatches, on this palette here!

Have you tried these palettes?

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