How To Practice Self Care When You Don’t Want To

How To Practice Self Care When You Don't Want To

So it’s safe to say a lockdown over one of the darkest months of the year sucks! It’s dark all the time, it’s cold… you can’t go out and sun worship to feel a little warmth on your face… you can’t just casually sit with a friend in the park (it’s all well and good you can meet one person outside your household outside… but who’s doing that now?!). So the self care we’ve got to get has to be inside… and as the night draw in and we get lazier, it has to be easier to do when you just cba!

Drink Tea

Yes… I’m not sure this would be some sort of self care blog post without it… I love tea. There’s no changing that fact. But there is something about a good cuppa while tucked up on the sofa, while typing on a computer, while lying in bed (though I would suggest sitting up to drink it). I’m a breakfast tea or assam tea kinda girl, but whatever your poisson is… drink up!

How To Practice Self Care When You Don't Want To

Read Something That Isn’t Social Media

Whether it’s a good book, a magazine or a load of blogs…losing yourself in some text is so relaxing! And I say stay off social, not because it’s not full of inspiring men and women bossing it. But because it’s full of false news and covid updates. And while the latter is important, it’s hardly going to help you relax!

Spend 5-15 minutes cleaning or decluttering

Yes, an interesting thing to add to a blog post about self care when you cba… but hear me out! 5, 10 or 15 minutes is not a long time. But taking this small amount of time every day or every so often to put things away, or make your bed, or wipe down your kitchen will just make you feel better. There is something to say about the phrase ‘tidy room tidy mind’

Drink Water

Oh I know… yawn! But staying hydrated is important… and drinking tea is not the same as drinking water. But, to be fair, I do drink a lot of squash as I’m not a massive water fan. We are about 60% water… so make sure you keep it topped up!

How To Practice Self Care When You Don't Want To

Get Some Fresh Air

I mean in an ideal world… go for a walk! But if you cba and leaving your house feels like an ordeal, open a window. Yes, in November. And no, I’m not a nutter! You don’t have to open an entire door and therefor sit in an igloo.. but just let a little bit of fresh air come in. It’ll make you feel better

Have A Bath/Shower

I mean one would hope you do this nearly everyday. BUT, have like a proper pamper shower/bath. Where you get out all the lotions and potions and actually enjoy it! And if you’re feeling really lazy, you can actually just sit down in the shower (yes, I’ve done it once or twice)

Call A Friend

In a year like this calling up a friend just makes everyone feel better! And you’ll have different friends in your life who will make you feel better in different situations. OR if you’re a socially awkward person like myself… WhatsApp them!

And there you have it.. a few simple and easy ways to practice a little bit of self care when going for a run, yoga or even leaving your house just feels like that step too far!

Katie x

16 thoughts on “How To Practice Self Care When You Don’t Want To

  1. Great post! Calling a friend is a fantastic choice, and I always find that speaking to someone can get me out of a funk and help me to feel better. Thanks for sharing, I look forward to reading more posts x

  2. These are all great ideas – and I needed the reminder about drinking water. My skin needs it, too. And I love curling up with a book and a cup of tea, so that’s a big part of my self-care plan.

  3. What a lovely read! I think it’s such a good tip to distance yourself from social media. I can’t watch a film or tv series on netflix without at least having my phone in my hand and look on it or play a game on it while I’m actually watching a series. The only way I can put my phone down for a while is either when I’m cleaning/decluttering (another good tip from you, double points on this one!) or when I’m taking a shower, which I find really relaxing and is such a self-care moment for me personally.

    Love, Charline | Charline Has a Blog

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