All The Warm Toned Neutral Eyeshadows You Could Ever Need…

You know when you’re just scrolling down Instagram and suddenly you come across something and you’re like ‘ooo ain’t that pretty’. Yeah, that’s what happened with the Endangered Cosmetics Red Pressed Powder Palette.

As a new brand to the block, based here in the UK, is has such a lovely brand ethic – all about supporting endagered species with themed palettes with this being the first!

Here’s what they say on the website:

Endangered Cosmetics® is makeup on a mission. Designed in London, we believe that beauty is found everywhere in nature, especially in the exotic and rich colors of our wildlife. Our vision is to pair these vibrant colours with a way to give back and preserve the gifts of mother nature.

Endangered Cosmetics Website

Price & Packaging

This palette £34.00, plus £3.99 for P&P in the UK. So, it is obviously quite a bit more expensive than a drugstore eyeshadow palette, but about in line with other indie makeup brands and totally respectable when you know 10% of profits go to wildlife conservation- and all you have to do is buy a beautiful eyeshadow palette.

The packaging is just adorable, and what sold me on it in the first place. It comes in a rain forest sleeve and then the palette itself has the most adorable photo of a red panda on it! And with gold font on it for the name of the palette and the brand logo. The packaging is cardboard, but sturdy – and it means that it’s recyclable, so I’m not complaining! It has a decent sized mirror and 10 decent sized pans. So tick tick tick there!

Colour Story

All the colours are themed round a red panda (surprisingly… not). You get some stunning, super warm toned neutrals, reds, a gorgeous yellow, a beautiful buttery copper shade, and a great mix of light and dark shades. It can feel a little like some of the shades blend into one shade that looks the same… but this colour story is all in all right up my street!

We all know I love a warm toned neutral, and you can’t get much better than this…


I mean the shimmer shades are gorgeous! Buttery, pigmented, easy to blend, they pop and they last for ages! The matte shades are a little mixed – the orange in the middle on the top row is GORGEOUS and the red on the end is another beautiful shade. They’re some stunning matte shades that create the most beautiful orangey-red eyeshadow look.

Then the orange and brown on the lower line are both a lovely formula, but they sort of duplicate the orange and red in the top row when everything is blended out. And then there’s the most gorgeous deep reddy brown, which I tend to use to line my lashes!

Overall Impressions

All in all this is a really beautiful palette. I mean I feel like you have to love an orange or a red, but if you do, this will be right up your street! I also love that in buying it, you’ve been able to support a good cause!

Have you heard of this brand? In which case, did you love it?

Katie x

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  1. Lovely brand mission. And I really like the colour story. There might be some redundancy, but at the same time it’s the dream palette if someone is really into orange and reds.

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