Top 25 Beauty Buys for Under £15

Top 25 Makeup Products for Under £15
Top 25 Makeup Products for Under £15

So, I was reading the last edition of the Boots magazine (you know, the one you get for free with a Boots advantage card), and they had an article about their top 30 buys for under £10, which I found really interesting to read. So, I thought I’d write one similar to it. Instead I made some alterations, obviously.

I reduced the number down to 25, because there were some categories I felt like I didn’t know enough about to have a real decision about, and so I removed/changed them. I also increased the budget to £15. Although most of the products are in fact under £10 there were a few products that I love over £10 that I wanted to tell you about.

  • Top 25 Makeup Products for Under £15
  • Top 25 Makeup Products for Under £15
  • Top 25 Makeup Products for Under £15

Max Your Mani

1. The Polish – Now I have more polishes than I care to admit. If I had to chose one, it would hands down be Barry M Gelly High Shine £3.99. Their super affordable, their colour range is amazing, and when they dry they look really nice. They chip fairly quickly, but all nail polishes do on my nails…

2. The Base Coat – Right, this was the main reason for changing the £10 budget to £15. I absolutely love Nails Inc Base Coat £15! I think it’s amazing, and it really conditions the nails. Barry M have just come out with  range that I haven’t tried yet, but I hear they’re meant to be pretty good too.

3. The Top Coat – Barry M 3in1 £3.99 Not much to say about this, I feel like it dries everything down quickly. When I reapply this every day after a polish it helps it to last for a lot longer.

4. The Remover – Collection Nail Polish Remover £1.99 £1.39 I am yet to find a Nail Polish Remover that I love completely. However, this is one of the best ones I’ve tried. And it’s scarily affordable. It doesn’t take of glitter nail polish… at all. But, it is still a great nail polish remover.

  • Top 25 Makeup Products for Under £15
  • Top 25 Makeup Products for Under £15

Go For Glow

5. The Powder Blush – MUA Blushes £1.00 These are really buildable and they have a really nice formula. They are so cheap so you can own a number of shades. However, the only issue with these is they have a large fall out. But, for the price you pay, they are amazing!

6. The Cream Blush – In the summer especially I absolutely love to wear cream blushers, and I think my favourite of the ones I’ve tried has to be Collection Speedy Blush Stick £3.99! It blends out really nicely and the colour is really natural.

7. The Bronzer – I think this is a category I should have removed, but I felt like bronzer was a pretty essential category. However, I haven’t found one I’ve ever been happy with. So, I thought I’d just say currently I’m using the Maybelline Dream Sun Bronzing Powder £5.99. It’s nice, but I don’t feel like it’s anything special.

8. The Highlighter – Bourjois Delice de Poudre Bronzing Powder and Highlighter £7.99. Although this is a duo, I find the bronzing powder a little sparkly, and so I only use them for nights out in summer. But the highlighter of this is amazing! It’s really buildable with just a nice amount of glitter in it.

  • Top 25 Makeup Products for Under £15
  • Top 25 Makeup Products for Under £15
  • Top 25 Makeup Products for Under £15

Give Eyes a Glam-Over

9. The Kohl Pencil – I have just found a new pencil that my first impressions of are great (a blog post will be going up about the brand next week). However, I still have to say the No.7 Stay Perfect Amazing Eye Pencils £7.50 are great! They’re really buttery, and they blend out really nicely and then when they dry, they don’t budge.

10. The Liquid Eyeliner – Right, the Soap and Glory Supercat Eyeliner £6 is amazing! I have a review of this ready to post! I’ve owned about 1000 of these (that’s an exaggeration, but that’s what it feels like). It’s so easy to use!

11. The Mascara – Right, mascara is a hard one to chose. I tend to stick to my Benefit They’re Real Mascara. However, if I had to chose a drugstore mascara, I would have to chose the Maybelline Lash Sensational £7.99! This is amazing! It’s volumising and lengthening and if I had to recommend one, it would have to be this one.

12. The Eyebrow – I love the Barry M Brow Kit £5.99. It comes with a wax, a powder and a highlighter. I find I don’t use the wax that much, however the other two powders have a lot of love.

13. The Cream Eyeshadow – Maybelline Colour Tattoo £4.99. These are just incredible! I don’t know if they last the 24hrs they claim to, I’ve never had them on that long. But they do last forever, they don’t budge, and they look amazing!

14. The Powder Eyeshadow – I’m not one for buying individual eyeshadows as they work out really expensive. However, I got a No.7 Stay Perfect Eyeshadow £7 in a gift set once, and I’ve got to say, it’s really nice! It’s really buttery and it blends really well and there’s not a lot of fall out!

15. The Eye Palette – W7 Eye Colour Palette Lightly Toasted £9.99 £3.99 This is supposed to be a dupe for one the the urban decay naked palettes, that I can’t comment on (as I don’t own them). But the colours are amazing! I absolutely love the shades in this palette, and they work together really well. I find you have to have a nice primer underneath, otherwise they don’t stay in place. But with a good primer, this palette is amazing!

  • Top 25 Makeup Products for Under £15
  • Top 25 Makeup Products for Under £15

Get HD Ready

16. The Primer – I’ve really got into using primers recently. And my favourite currently has to be the Max Factor Facefinity All Day Primer £10.00. It feels really nice on the skin and it does help my makeup stay in place.

17. The BB Cream – I am in love with BB Creams, and although I find most of them are fairly similar to me. However I’ve found the Rimmel BB Cream 9in1 £6.99 to be really great. It’s really moisturising and gives me a little bit of coverage.

18. The Liquid Foundation – I swap between two foundations. In the winter I like to go full coverage, and so I have to go for the L’Oreal Paris True Match Foundation £9.99. It blends in really well, and gives me great coverage. However, if I’m going for light coverage, I’d have to go for the Rimmel Wake Me Up Foundation.

19. The Blemish Concealer – Collection Lasting Perfection £4.19. Right, this stuff is the holy grail. I cannot sing enough praises for this stuff. It conceals everything, it stays in place for a long time, and it looks amazing!

20. The Dark Circle Concealer – The Maybelline The Eraser Eye Concealer £7.99 is great. It’s applicator is really unique, and at first it creeps you out. But this stuff applies really nicely, and I find it really brightens up your eyes.

21. The Pressed Powder – Bourjois Healthy Balance Powder £8.99 I’ve just hit pan on this stuff, and I love it! It’s got a slight colour to it, and so it adds a little extra coverage. It also helps control shine. I’d say it’s only semi-matte, and so it makes my skin look really natural.

  • Top 25 Makeup Products for Under £15
  • Top 25 Makeup Products for Under £15
  • Top 25 Makeup Products for Under £15
  • Top 25 Makeup Products for Under £15

Love Your Lips

22. The Matt Lipstick – If I had to chose one drugstore lipstick, it would have to be the Rimmel Kate Moss Matt Lipstick £5.49! This line is amazing, the colour range is extensive, they last for a really long time, and they feel really creamy on the lips.

23. The Lip Liner – I have a think against pencil lip liners, I find sharpening them a nightmare. However, the Rimmel Exaggerate Lip Liners £3.99 are mechanical, and they apply really nicely. East End Snob actually looks really nice on its own as well.

24. The Lip Crayon – I have recently really got into lip crayons, and the Bourjois Paris Colour Boost Lip Crayons £7.99 are great! They’re really barmy and feel great soon my lips. Plus, they’re really easy to apply.

25. The Lipgloss – I’m not particularly a lipgloss person, however if I had to chose one it would be the Rimmel Oh My Gloss Lipgloss £5.49. It feels nice on the lips, little sticky, but the colour looks really natural!

What are your favourite drugstore products?

Katie x

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27 thoughts on “Top 25 Beauty Buys for Under £15

  1. I loved this post! Finding great products for such a good price is so great because you know your saving so much money for the same quality if you were buying something twice the price 🙂 I love the maybelline primer and concealer so much – they are some of my everyday products I use !

    Kathy xx

  2. Awesome list of great buy products, Barry M nail varnishes are my absolute favourite, I also don’t really know how I kept my shiny skin under control before I got the Bourjois Healthy Balance Powder.


  3. There are so many good finds in drugstore but I would have to mention Revolution palettes. It has so many colour for a little cost and it has all matte palettes or all shimmer ones I think they are just a great addition to any make up collection. If you have never tried or heard of I suggest try Kiko it is not a drugstore brand but it has drugstore prices!

    Izabele xxx |

    1. Yeah revolution palettes are good. I picked one up yesterday 🙂 and I’m loving it so far. And I’ve heard a lot about kiko recently but it’s not a brand I’ve ever used. But thanks 🙂

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