Rimmel | My Top Picks

Rimmel London | My Top Makeup Picks
Rimmel London | My Top Makeup Picks

A few days I spoke about my favourite Drugstore brand of all time (Maybelline) today I’m here to talk to you about my second favourite Drugstore brand – Rimmel. I feel like if Maybelline didn’t exist, this is where I’d head to find products I needed.

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Fix and Protect Primer || £6.99

Not my favourite primer, but I do feel like it’s a must try. It sort of replaces your morning mosituriser, and has SPF, and it’s what I take with me when I’m travelling.

Lasting Finish Blush || £3.99

These a small, pigmented – but not too pigmented – blushers that are the perfect size and are so easy to apply!

Rimmel London | My Top Makeup Picks

Supercurler Mascara || £6.99

Not the best mascara, but a great mascara to layer on top of others! It comes with a big, fat brush making it easy to apply.

Exaggerate Lip Liner || £3.99

These are fairly drying – so you need a lip balm – but once you get past that these are amazing! They are pigmented, easy to apply and prolong your lipstick by years! (that’s an exaggeration)

Apocolips Lip Laquer || £6.49

These are non-sticky, easy to apply lipsticks with great colour pay off and a good lasting power. Not my favourite liquid lipsticks, but they are nice!

Rimmel London | My Top Makeup Picks

Oh My Gloss || £5.49

These come in either clear, or with a hint of colour that creates a really pretty sheer wash down. They work best over a lipsticks and they’re beautiful!

60 Second Shine Nail Paints || £2.99

The 60 second claim on these isn’t true. However, I find that they are beautiful, pigmented, long lasting nail polishes with a high gloss finish and a decent sized brush.

I hope you enjoy hearing of my top picks from another drugstore brand! These are amazing!

Katie x

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