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Bourjois Liquid Blush

I first saw Sorbet Blush and thought Bourjois was losing it! That the beauty industry had seriously run out of traditional ‘normal’ makeup to make… However, putting aside my complete dismay and looking at this with a clear head, Bourjois have extended their Healthy Mix range to include 2 shades of Sorbet Blushes at £8.99 a pop.

Bourjois Liquid Blush 1

The packaging is a tall, slim squeezy tube with this weird plastic tip. The colour of the tube reflects that of the colour of the blush! There are two shades: Raspberry and Apricot… I’ll let you guess which is which (Apricots are a peachy, orange by the way…)

Bourjois Liquid Blush 3

The blush comes out as a super runny liquid that looks super bright and vibrant when on the tip of your finger and first applied to the face. However, this goes alongside the rest of the Healthy Mix range in the fact that it’s a more natural, glowy, subtle finish. It blends out to be really sheer, but doesn’t really build up nicely (the more you build up, the more it moves the foundation underneath). So, effectively, this only works for you if you’re into that subtle blush look… which lets face it is definitely me!

It wears relatively well. It’s definitely not the longest wearing blush ever, especially as it’s not that obvious in the first place. However, it doesn’t go patchy or bunch up anywhere, so it’s not necessarily a bad thing.

Bourjois Liquid Blush 2

Overall, I like this when I’m going for that super natural ‘no makeup makeup’ look. However, when I’m wearing a full full coverage foundation and I need blush to add a little colour back into my skin, this doesn’t really cut it

Have you tried these? If so, what did you think?

Katie x

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