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I’d seen people raving about Morphe palettes for a long time and I’d always wanted one, but for some reason I’d never taken the plunge. However, I decided to pick up the 35W palette because the shades in here really called to me. For £22 you get 35 deliciously warm shades, which range from mattes, to slight shimmers, to full on shimmery shades. The colour selection in here is stunning, with a lot of neutral shades and then the odd pop of colour to give the palette some real interest.

The formula is amazing! They’re pigmented, easy to blend, and just so easy to work with. I feel like everyone and their mother has tried one of these palettes, but I really do think their only two downsides is that you can’t buy them in a shop in the UK (and so you can’t see before you buy), and they don’t have a mirror. But, once you get over those hurdles, then I literally love this!

Have you tried any of the other Morphe palettes? If so, which one is your fav?

Katie x

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  1. Everyone has been raving about it in America. But I’m still not sure if I want to make the plunge! I feel like there’s so many other palettes I’d wear more, but I’m just not sure. Thanks for the post 🙂

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