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Something you might not know about me, I actually LOVE a coloured eyeliner! Typically I go with a blue or a burgundy, but really wanted to try some more unusual colours, and when I saw NYX (who do some of my favourite coloured makeup) came out with a new range of liquid eyeliners I knew I HAD, like had, to try them out!

Here’s what it says on the website

“Looking for next-level intensity? NYX Professional Makeup Epic Wear Liquid Liner is the ultimate longwear eyeliner. Waterproof, smudge-proof and LIFEPROOF, this liquid dries down to a striking matte finish and can be used on the face AND body! Featuring a fine, flexible brush-tip applicator for killer precision and easy application of countless artistic looks, from epic body paint designs to dramatic graphic eyes! Choose from high-impact colours, including brown, white and best-selling black, plus our new on-trend hues of sapphire, lilac, and cult shade – Stone Fox.”

So here are my thoughts…

Price & Packaging

At £7 a pop, these are pretty affordable! They come in a black tube with white writing on them. While there’s nothing fundamentally wrong with the packaging, it does upset me slightly that you can only find out the beautifully bold colours they are by looking at the bottom of the tube. I feel like it could be fun if the text was in the colour of the eyeliner, or the lid was the colour of the eyeliner, or something! But overall, it’s kinda cute.

Colour Range

There are 7 shades in total. There’s a black, brown, white and stone fox (grey)… which I didn’t buy because they don’t quite give me the fun vibes I was looking for. So the three shades I have are Lilac, Yellow and Red. I would tell you what those colours are… but I feel like they are what they say they are on the tin!


These eyeliners are with a brush tip applicator. Honestly, I’ve been using them for long enough that I can get on board with them. The brushes are relatively slim, but not as slim and easy to use as felt tip eyeliners and so for the first few times you use them you might make a hot mess. But realistically, this is not a problem with a product, it’s just something to know about!


I LOVE this formula! It’s pigmented and the colour payoff is really good… but it doesn’t go dry and crusty (as some colourful liquid eyeliners do). Because the colour payoff is impressive, I find you don’t have to go over your lines too much, but if you do, the formula keeps a bit of it’s liquidy texture for a bit to allow you to do this without it going patchy. It then dries down and sets in place, just be careful with blinking for like 5-10 seconds. I haven’t tested the true waterproof claim of this eyeliner by going swimming or anything because 1. corona and 2. I cba. But they really do last a really long time during the day and I don’t find they run if my eyes water because of wind or whatever!

Overall Thoughts

Once you master the eyeliner application with a brush… I LOVE these eyeliners! I really hope they launch a few more shades as I kind of want an orange and a green and some other wild shades! But all in all, if you’re looking for some fun pops of colour or a white, then you will love these! And if you’re looking for a black or brown, I would honestly recommend a felt tip applicator eyeliner such as the eyeko eyeliners.

Have you tried these? If so what did you think?

Katie x

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30 thoughts on “Review | NYX Epic Wear Waterproof Liquid Liners

  1. I have the white colour of these eyeliners and I love it – it’s almost too long-lasting because it takes so long to take off! Now I want to try some of the colours that you picked up too!

    Molly xx

  2. I’ve used coloured pencil liner before for my waterline but I’ve never used liquid coloured liner before but these look so lovely! I love the look of the red and purple shade, I definitely want to try these x

  3. I struggle with normal eyeliner and so I’ve never tried colourful ones but these look great on you – especially the yellow! you’re right they are so fun! 🙂

    Hope that you are having a lovely week 🙂

  4. I have been looking for new eyeliner for a while. After reading this review, I will looking into NYX more now especially with the colours. Thank you for sharing.

  5. I am looking forward to these interesting shades of liquid eyeliners!!! A big fan of black, blue and green though. Your picks of yellow, red and lilac is fascinating. Wish to try white and sapphire too. Thanks for sharing. NYX is definitely on my shopping list!

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