Empties | January 2019

empties jan

One of my favourite series and throwing it back old school with a good old fashioned empties post. Looking through my makeup and beauty trash (rubbish just doesn’t sound as good), I can share all my thoughts and feelings on all the products I’ve finished in the last month! And… it’s actually getting more manageable month after month!

Oskia Renaissance Mask | Kicking it off with a firm favourite of mine. I’ve only finished one of the mini travel ones… because, unfortunately, I’m not made of money. But, who even cares?! This stuff is amazing! It feels gorgeous on the skin!


Body Shop Peppermint Candy Cane Fragranced Shower Gel | I love the body shop shower gels, there’s no denying that, but this one was so fun for the festive period! Their shower gels smell gorgeous, they lather really nicely and they feel so high end for their price tag!

Sure Bright Bouquet Anti-Perspirant | I mean this is such a classic, not sure there’s anything I can really say about it… other than I really wish they wouldn’t have it in such a ridiculously large bottle!

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OGX Argan Oil of Morocco Shampoo & Conditioner | I think it was Zoella I first saw rave about these years back! And I’ve dabbled in them over the year, and while they lather beautifully and smell delicious, I really don’t think they’re worth the slightly more premium price tag. (Don’t get me wrong, some expensive hair care is worth the price tag)

Nice ‘n Easy Permanent Hair Colour in 8WR (Golden Auburn) | Not sure if this counts as an empty, as it’s a one use product… however, I guess the hair colour lasts for ages! Anyhow, this is what I used to get my red hair and I LOVED it! Super natural, easy to use and it’s currently still looking good (2 weeks in)

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Philip Kingsley Body Building Conditioner | I found this was sooo watery! I don’t know if it was just mine, or that is how this product actually is, but it really wasn’t thick enough to be a good conditioner.

Erno Laszlo Multi-Tast Eye Serum Mask | These were fun, and there’s something so luxurious about an eye mask. I’m quite lucky that eye bags aren’t really something I have to worry about (I have more spot prone skin), so I don’t really feel like these were worth it for me. But, they did feel gorgeous!

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Eyeko Black Magic Mascara | This is my go to lower lash mascara, it provides really good separation, it’s super black and it’s relatively volumising without being remotely clumpy! I’ve already got another one of these in my collection and I really do feel like it’s one I’m going to keep needing over and over!

Schmidt’s Bergamot & Lime Natural Deodorant | This was such an eye opening product for me. These natural deodorants are not something I’ve ever really tried, however this was really nice, it really worked AND it lasted forever. Though it was a bit scratchy

empties 3

Omorovicza Moor Cream Cleanser | I’ve tried a few things from this range, and for one reason or another, they just really don’t land with me. Like, they’re fine, but for the £52 price tag… no, really not so fine!

In Transit Camera Close-Up | I’ve used these quite a lot recently, and I would say they’re alright, but they’re nothing special. The No.7 and Body Shop moisturisers are far superior!

Erno Laszlo Lift Essence Lotion | This was a weird one, because it was so hydrating, but also so not thick! It almost felt like splashing water on your face. Crazy!

empties 6

Beautaniq Beauty Fill & Tame Brow Gel| Pretty good, but still not the Benefit tinted brow gel. Although, while it did do a good job, I seriously wouldn’t even know where to buy it from!

BBB Brow Build Gel | I feel exactly the same about this as the last one. Both really good, but not the best, and also wouldn’t know where to get it from (oh yeah… I got both of these in my beauty subscription boxes)

Maybelline Brow Drama | A great little find.. I feel like this is the battle of the brow gels. This is a clear one, but it’s a pretty good clear one. And I like that it’s in an opaque bottle (not sure I could cope with the clear packaging)

What products have you finished this month? Any one of these?

Katie x


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  1. I agree with you about the OGX Argan Oil shampoo and conditioner. I tried 88ml sample before purchasing the full size and I really liked the samples. I kept them in my ex-boyfriend’s shower and would use them when I stayed once a week. I do think these are best used once a week instead of for every wash x

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