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As I’m sure you’re all aware, I moved at the end of last year. A move very much needed – I was living in a house full of mould, where the windows didn’t actually close and I had a flat mate who took living like a slob to a whole new level. However, simple maths means that living alone is more expensive than living with two other people…

And, if there’s one thing this blog culture has as its downfall is fast fashion, excessive purchasing and the need to have the newest of everything always; the need to talk about the newest products the minute they launch. I’m very guilty for this, but they are my most read blog posts and the ones that continue to get the most views day after day, even if I wrote them months and months ago.


Kew 14

However, with this… restriction of budget… I can’t really splash the cash anymore. I really do have to think about things before I buy them. And, while I will definitely continue to pick up some of the new launches, and share my thoughts and feelings with you on here (because, it is still a passion, and there is no way I can completely give that up), I’m not sure I’ll be able to keep it up to the same level I did.

But that does knock out 50% of my content. So I’m really struggling with the whole content ideas thing at the moment and I’m finding myself on a real content block… almost feeling like I’m losing momentum and getting a little.. dull.


I don’t know if the answer is to blog less often (quality over quantity), finding a slightly new niche or just to plough on and hope that, as usual, when the weather brightens up I get more of a pep in my step! Either way I’m facing this thing that I think we all do at one time or another – a mind block. A complete and utter block.

Normally, at this stage, I’d pop down to Superdrug, pick up a load of new makeup, spend somewhere in the region of £60, and then I’d have LOADS to write about. Now… can’t do that so easily. But also, why should I? It isn’t natural to spend that much on things you don’t need every fortnight, and it really isn’t a true representation of what life is all about; which is about treasuring the items you do own.

Kew 5

Now don’t get me wrong, I’m still very much going to keep buying new things and trying new things… but I’m just going to scale it back a bit. And, in the mean time, bare with me while I try to re-find my feet

Love you always!

Katie x

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  1. It is difficult when you feel like you don’t have the budget to write the things you want but I’m sure you’ll find something that costs you less to write about! I really enjoyed reading this post! Good luck overcoming your mind block, lovely! x

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