New | MUA Cosmic Vixen 15 Shade Palette

MUA Cosmic Vixen 15 Shade Palette Review
MUA Cosmic Vixen 15 Shade Palette Review

Following the success of their Fire Vixen palette (which I reviewed here) Revolution have come out with a slightly more amped out version to increase their 15 shadow palette range with Cosmic Vixen. At the super affordable price of £5 the palettes are super popular with blogger and the public alike and I feel like they’re a really good by!

MUA Cosmic Vixen 15 Shade Palette Review

In comparison to the Fire Vixen palette, it has a heck of a lot of cross over shades, however this one edges more on the purple side of warm shades. I feel like if you own the original Fire Vixen palette, you probably don’t need this. However, if you don’t own either, this one covers (as I said) the purple shades, while Fire Vixen has more of the warm neutrals. The palette has 4 matte shades, 5 shimmer shades and 6 much more glittery shades.

Something to note about these palettes – they smell very strongly of Play-Doh!

MUA Cosmic Vixen 15 Shade Palette Review

The formula edges a tad on the side of powdery, however, they do come across on the eyes very nicely and the glitter shades are completely stunning, super pigmented and (as much as I hate the word) buttery! On the whole they blend really well, however the purple/blue shade really skips and I would say avoid this one.. and their lasting power is impressive, surviving a full days wear.

MUA Cosmic Vixen 15 Shade Palette Swatches

Overall, this is not going to be an everyday palette for me, as these are not shades I find myself gravitating towards, however it is a nice palette and if you’re into these shades I would definitely recommend giving it a swatch in your local Superdrug!

Have you tried this? Or one of Revolutions other 15 shade palettes? If so, what were your thoughts?

Katie x

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