8 Lessons You Learn When You Live By Yourself

So one thing you may not know about me… I lived by myself for 2 years. I now have the benefit of living with my other half (after moving in in November of last year), because having nearly 4 months of not seeing anyone was a bit too much! But, when life was normal (as I’m hoping it will be again soon), I used to love living by myself! It taught me so much about myself, I loved having the freedom to just do whatever I want whenever… and while it was expensive, I wouldn’t change it for the world!

So a bit of context before I get into the nitty gritty of it! I lived in a studio (but with a separate kitchen) in Ealing with my landlady living next door and all my bills included so it was as stress free as it could physically be!

And here are the things I learnt while living by myself…

Sometimes You Eat Breakfast For Dinner and Dinner For Breakfast

My family are one of those who eats all their meals together, and then my first flat in London (which I shared with strangers) I was too scared to make fancy meals and so would just shove stuff in the oven and run away! But when you live by yourself and no ones judging anything you do… sometimes you eat cereal for dinner, and sometimes you eat your pasta bake for breakfast? Who’s watching and who’s judging?!

You Learn To Love Your Own Company

This is one of those things you really learn to love! I remember the first day I moved into my flat and I just sat there on the floor (as only my bed had arrived) and suddenly had this moment of panic – like who would know if I died or something! But seriously, you really learn to thrive and grow on your own! Suddenly you learn how to be productive without someone watching over you and you begin to actually enjoy it!

You’ll Love Your Friendships and Learn To Say Yes

Obviously this doesn’t 100% apply now as times have changed a little, but when we get back to normal… you really learn to work out how to leave your flat and spend more time with people! I found myself saying yes to going out with work colleagues WAY more, heading to the pub, going to quizzes, going to the theatre.. sometimes just heading out for a walk or sitting in a cafe! You really learn to love and find ways to spend time outside your flat!

Cooking For One Is A Pain

I mean yes you can cook whenever you want, but most recipes are for 2, most packs of meat or things feed 2+ and everything is not designed for one person! And if you’re not careful, it becomes very expensive? So seriously batch cooking will be your best friend! Get a load of tupplewear and freeze some and stick some in the fridge and it keeps costs down and effort also down!

You Become Mega Independent

I’ve been fairly independent my entire life to be fair! My parents were always pretty relaxed and let me do things like cycle to the local town (7 miles away) to visit friends, and I went to University… but living by yourself means you cook, clean, capture spiders, entertain and everything all on your own! And that is some serious girl power and all!

It’s Expensive

Yes, you can’t really ignore that fact really. Not only is rent all on you, but so are bills, TV licensing, subscriptions, food, everything!

You Find More Time For Hobbies

I can’t explain why, but when you stop worrying about everyone else you find more time to love your hobbies! Be it reading, or music, or exercising! You’ll really find time for you!

You’ll Forever Be Listening To Music Or Rewatching Shows

If you’re anything like me, you’ll struggle with complete silence! So you’ll always have something on somewhere in your flat… be it music or TV or something! It really helps you feel a little less alone!

And there you have it! The 8 lessons I learnt from living by myself! To be honest, I would 100% recommend it! The growth I had when I lived by myself is invaluable! And while I wouldn’t change living with my boyfriend for the world and I’m sure I’ll learn even more about myself now, I had some amazing memories in my old flat and I sometimes miss it!

Have you lived by yourself?

Katie x

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45 thoughts on “8 Lessons You Learn When You Live By Yourself

    1. When I first moved out it was a bit of a shock to the system, which I won’t say it probably wont be for you. But just remember your friends are only at the end of the phone (and hopefully soon we can all go out and meet each other) and you soon learn to kinda love being on your own! Good luck with moving out! x

  1. I only live with one other person and thankfully we get on so well it’s almost like one person, and a lot of the time we love doing the “we can have that for dinner/breakfast” because no one is around to judge haha! I agree that sometimes you can’t do your own thing as much, which is why I do try and ensure I get about an hour alone time to read and do my own things, it’s important to enjoy your own company! xx


  2. I never truly lived alone but I think I would enjoy the independence and learn more about myself. I think it’s a huge step to take but also with loads of pros to it. No one is around to judge your taste in food or music, that’s assured! Thanks for sharing Katie x

  3. Great post! I lived alone for many years and although I love my family and would never change things, there are definitely days I miss living alone. I got a lot more done and only had to clean up after myself. I learned how to be independent and that I can take care of myself. You are right though, cooking for one is a pain. I definitely did not eat well when I lived alone.

  4. I’ve actually never lived alone. I live with my boyfriend. But we spend time a part within the house sometimes and you are so right, you spend time listening to lots of music and rewatching shows. And I never realized how expensive everyday necessities were.

    1. Yeah there’s something about living with a boyfriend that makes you feel like you both have a flatmate and live by yourself! It’s nice! And yeah, stuff is expensive! For me I was like ‘why is cheese £4?!’! haha x

  5. Spot on Katie. Thought I haven’t lived all by myself I have seen my folks doing that and from afar I have seen them grow and change from inside. And also one can do wonders discovering all by oneself I second that. Good to get to know you better. Thanks for sharing x

    Isa A. Blogger

    1. Aww no problem! Thanks for stopping by! Also, so happy to hear your folks have been able to grow from living by themselves, I love it when you see positive changes in loved ones x

  6. I often wonder what it would’ve been like to live on my own. I never did it! I lived with my parents til I was 19, moved away to live with an ex, broke up and moved back home to live with my parents, and then didn’t move out again until I got married at 24. However, I work from home and my husband works out of the house so I guess sometimes it’s like living alone because I’m home by myself all day. I don’t mind that in the slightest, but I love my time with him too.

    1. I don’t think I could have lived on my own and worked from home (even though I guess I did it over 2020 with covid and all), but I’m really enjoying living with the boyf it feels like the best of both worlds! x

  7. I really enjoyed reading this post. I never lived alone but I can agree that sometimes breakfast is dinner.
    I really believe that living alone can teach you independence and it’s a great learning experience.

    xo Erica

  8. I enjoyed reading this post! I’ve never lived alone but as soon as I had a chance to move out I did. I am an only child and my parents are very protective and love hanging out with me as I did with them but I wanted to be more independent and learn how to pay my own bills and manage my own food, money, time etc. I think I would’ve loved living alone if I didn’t marry my highschool sweetheart haha x


  9. This all resonates with me so much right now – not in a sad way though. I am currently the only one of my friends back in our uni house due to lockdown and I am definitely learning some things. we became so dependent and coefficient on each other because we clicked absolutely instantly- we would cook together, share laundry loads, share grocery bills, car share, walk to class together. It was basically like I hadn’t moved out – i didn’t really develop any more independence than i had at home 😂 now I’m on my own and I am having a strangely good time – i thought it would be awful! But I’m enjoying freedom to watch movies at any time of day, play music, take myself off out for a walk within the restrictions. But i always cook too much pasta…and sometimes i have the pasta for lunch and sandwiches for tea. But who cares right?😂 fab post. Really made me reflect. Lots of love 🥰

  10. I haven’t lived by myself, I’m still at home with my mum but we get on pretty well and she can get quite sick so it’s handy being able to look after her. I’ve never lived with a partner either but I don’t think I’d have a problem living by myself for the most part, I enjoy my own company and keep myself busy. I do get a bit scared sometimes at night when I’ve stayed by myself but that’s because one night there was someone creeping out down the side of our house x

      1. She had a few visits to hospital last year with a bad chest infection (completely unrelated to Covid) and she’s always suffered from asthma. It’s taking a long time to recover and things still aren’t right now to be honest. Yes that was so scary seeing someone outside, glad I caught them and phoned the police and they ran off and I wasn’t home alone that night xx

  11. I experienced living on my own for quite a bit before I got married and the things in your list are very much on point! I love that you’ve listed down the good and the not so good, I would say that living alone has its perks but we all need a good meal and company once in a while 😉 I’m happy to hear that you’re not alone at a time like this, I hope this will all be over soon so we can all move forward 💕

    Take care always, Katie!

    Hanna / Heydays With Hanna

    1. Awww yeah I got to see both sides of it when I lived by myself in ‘normal times’ and in ‘covid times’, but while there were tough days, I mostly loved it! But so happy I now have someone to wake up to and talk to everyday! Talking to myself was getting weird hahaha! x

  12. I definitely can relate katie especially getting to be eating breakfast for dinner and vise versa . I so loved living by myself not until circumstances happen and had to go back home. And learning about how I manage my expenses was really a lesson. Not to mention that I enjoyed my company and still trying to adjust with the noise here at home. One really learns when Living on their own I agree. Thank you for sharing your experience and lessons.

    1. Awww no problem! And I moved in with my boyfriends parents (where my boyfriend lived of course haha) from March-May so that I didn’t spend the harshest bit of lockdown by myself! x

  13. I agree with everything here! Especially the part about having more time for hobbies. When I lived alone I had so much time to do anything I wanted, and always kept myself occupied. I really enjoyed living alone, and if it wasn’t for my boyfriend whom I live with now, I would still be super happy living alone even after years of doing so!
    This post is super helpful to those who are planning on living alone soon 🙂
    Have an awesome weekend! x

    Julia x
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  14. I haven’t really lived alone but in school I’m mostly on my own even though I have a roommate. I enjoy being on my own and I agree with you on the breakfast being dinner, I really eat late when I’m alone.

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