What To Do When You’ve Hit A Creative Rut

We all have them. When you just sit there looking at an empty page and you can’t think of anything Nyada. Your brain is completely blank. I tend to get it from burnout, but all sorts of things can cause it. And after suffering it on and off throughout the years I’ve found some tips that have always helped me get back on the creative bandwagon and I thought I’d share them with you! Because, let’s face it, with these constant lockdowns it’s difficult to get inspiration in some of the ways we usually do!

Take A Break

Sometimes I take this to the extreme and disappear off of this online space for like 6 months… but that’s not necessarily what I mean. Just like take a break. If it’s an hour, missing a blog post, taking a week off as a ‘holiday’, whatever it needs to be. Just stop for a bit! And being a perfectionist I know it can feel mega frustrating when you have to do it, but you are human, and it’s ok!

Take Inspo From Other Creators

I mean I’m not saying plagarise by any means, but immerse yourself in whatever creativity you’ve hit a rut in. Be it music, reading, blogs, magazines… whatever you need. I always feel my most inspired when I’ve fully immersed myself in some of my favourite blogs! And it’s not even like we blog about the same thing, I just might see something in one of their blog posts that sparks something in the back of my mind!

Recharge With Nature

I mean that expression just made me feel a little sick, but go for a walk, breath some fresh air, and you never know, it might make the world of a difference! I always go for a walk on my lunch break and then I can come back feeling refreshed and ready to work again! It’s nice to just switch off for a bit!

Carry A Journal/Make Notes On Your Phone

I mean I do neither of these, but instead have a spreadsheet with all my blog post ideas and schedule on. But sometimes you may find you can think of 101 ideas and sometimes you get nothing. So, in those days you can think of lots of things, write them down! Schedule them in! And then resist the temptation to post all 100 posts in one day! This has MASSIVELY helped me! And since having a schedule where I know what I’m going to write before the day I sit down to write them really helps me!

Have A Declutter

This doesn’t have to be stuff… it can be of the files on your computer, or the emails databases you’re on… but there is something about just decluttering some things out of your life that will just help you reset a little bit!


I don’t necessarily mean run a marathon tomorrow… but be it a jog, a workout video, or even a brisk walk… get your heart pumping! Not only do you really switch off when you exercise, but it really helps me get ready for the day! And I’m loving my morning workouts!

Shake Things Up

Ok I know this can be difficult right now! But, all I mean is try doing your work or writing or whatever from a different space in your house. Or try eating something different for dinner. Workout in the morning? Try working out in the afternoon. Just do something to convince your mind you’re not stuck on the same day in a loop like Bonnie and Damon in Vampire Diaries (yeah, I’m really relating to them right now!)

What do you do when you’ve hit a creative rut?

Katie x

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57 thoughts on “What To Do When You’ve Hit A Creative Rut

  1. I love this! I think it’s so important to take breaks from it and step away completely when you’re in a creative rut as then ideas spark when you least expect it xx

  2. Great tips! I love taking a break and having a mask or clean out, to keep my mind entertained in something else. Also being outside helps so much! Thanks for sharing x

  3. I’m definitely in a creative rut right now. I’m putting it down to being January but I could do with these tips to get me back on track! I have an ongoing list on my phone for ideas!

  4. I definitely feel this – after a relatively successful first “Blogmas” I’ve gone into 2021 with no new ideas at all! Having Pinterest definitely helps as there are so many tips for post ideas for a bit of an all-rounder like me, but this post of yours definitely helps too. I’d like to post less frequently but make the content stronger and promote it more. Thanks for sharing!

  5. Love this! Excellent tips to live by as a writer. Taking breaks and switching things up can really go a long way in helping you to regain your creativity whenever you are in a rut.

    Thanks for sharing these great ideas.

  6. Great advice! My favourite thing to do when I’m hitting a creative rut is to take the dogs for a walk. Not only am I getting exercise and fresh air, but the adorable pups also help me to relax and clear my mind. By the time I get back, I’m usually read to go once again.

  7. Being in a creative rut sucks!! I found Pinterest being the best remedy for me – finding inspiration. Oooh, totally agree with decluttering!!! Make a new space! Even changing things around makes a huge difference.

    Nancy ✨ mdrnminimalists.com

  8. Awesome post! I hate being stuck in a creative rut, and these tips are going to be great in the future. I try to get some water, or work on something else and then come back to it. I usually schedule tweets/pins, or answer quora questions. Usually by then, my brain starts working again haha. Thanks for sharing these tips!

  9. I love the tips you’ve mentioned here, i’m only just starting out my blog but i have a notebook with probably about 30 ideas that im so excited to get going with! I’ve really caught the bug haha, i’ve been finding new blogs to read and get inspiration from, like you say its not plagiarising, but it sparks ideas! x

  10. Beautiful reminders that should always be looked back on! Thanks for these, Katie. It could get really frustrating and draining for us who write and wish to grow in our platforms, so it’s always great to hear these reminders and affirmations. I take breaks now and then, I find that scrolling through a lot of feeds can also hurt my creativity so being alone in my space and outside the internet just sort of renews my mindset and it helps me root back to how and why I even started.

    Hope you’re doing well and staying healthy! Wishing you a smooth February!

    Hanna / Heydays With Hanna

  11. I’m in a creative rut at the moment and when I saw this post I had to check it out. Thank you so much for sharing these helpful tips, I’m definitely taking advantage of them and start to implement them!

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