New | Barry M Baked Tri-Blend Highlighter in Silver Solstice

Barry M Baked Highlighter

So, we all know Highlighter is pretty much THE makeup product of the last few years and so there’s no surprise brands are going to keep coming out with them. The next launch comes from Barry M, a brand I feel like often gets overlooked and forgotten. There are two new shades of their Baked Tri-Blend, the Bronze Deco Highlighter (which is super dark and so not one for me at all) and then the Silver Solstice Palette (which is much more up my street!)

The highlighters come at £6.49 in simple black and clear packaging.

Barry M Baked Higlighter 2

Mixed together the highlighter is a beautiful champagne colour. This is a very intense highlight that will leave you glowing for the gods. It blends out beautifully, however because it’s a very glitter based highlighter it can come across a little chunky and can accentuate texture. The chunkiest of the glitter is an overspray, and so I’m hoping after a far amount of wear this will significantly reduce, because putting this aside it’s a very beautiful highlighter. It lasts fairly well (dependent on foundation of course), but you do end up with the glitter all over your face by the end of the day (an issue I hope will reduce once the overspray has gone).

Barry M Baked Highlight 1

Overall, I think once the overspray has been worn away on this highlighter it’s going to be a really beautiful highlight for people for whom texture is not an issue. However, for the first times using, it is a little too glittery

Have you tries this highlighter? If so, what are your thoughts?

Katie x

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