Worth The Hype? | IT CC Cream

It CC Cream Review
It CC Cream Review

I felt like every influencer in the world was raving about this product that I just HAD to try it! The infamous IT Cosmetics CC Cream. Having never tried a CC cream before I didn’t quite know what to expect, but as someone who wears foundation to cover up uneven skintone (red patches) as opposed to anything else, it really seemed like a good idea!

It really is the most expensive foundation I own, at a heart breaking cost of £30(!), but this is one of those very few foundations I actually think are worth it! It’s a super impressive formula. It covers things well while still letting things like freckles come through. It feels and looks like literally nothing on the skin and wears super impressively. I was accidentally sold shade Light as opposed to shade Fair (which is the actual lightest shade) and so this comes across a little warm and dark on me, however it does mix well with various other foundations and concealers to lighten it and make it work well for my skintone.

This is one of the only foundations I like to apply with a brush, as I feel like with a beauty blender it doesn’t get the coverage I want, while with a brush, it makes my skin look super flawless!

I like the packaging, it comes in this super simple tube, with a really practical pump and contains 32ml of product (just slightly more than the standard 30ml).

Have you tried this? If so, what were your thoughts?

Katie x

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5 thoughts on “Worth The Hype? | IT CC Cream

    1. For a while I thought it was the lightest shade and I was so confused how so many of my favourite YouTubers got away with it.. and then I actually looked into it and I was so pissed… however, I can make it work using a lighter concealer to highlight 🙂 and it’s an amazing product… will definitely pick it up in the right shade next time! 😛 x

  1. I tried a sample of this before but the lightest shade at the time, or so I was told, was too dark for me, I really need to get around to trying fair this because it sounds great.

    1. They did the same thing to me! ‘This is the lightest shade’ and then gave me shade ‘light’ which isn’t actually the lightest shade! Fair is a really good colour, I’d try it! x

      1. It was so frustrating, because I was like I’ve seen people who are pale use this and this is so dark. I really tried to make it work but I looked ridiculous. I should probably try fair and see how it goes.

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