Disappointing Products

Disappointing Makeup Products
Disappointing Makeup Products

I always find these posts a little peculiar to write, as in I feel like I’m being so negative. But then again, I spent money on these products, and if they didn’t work for me, I feel like I want to say something about them. But then again, it doesn’t mean these products won’t work for you, or that I don’t like the brand (because trust me, some things from New Look, MUA, GOSH and Models Own are literally in my everyday staples), but I thought I would share things with you!

MUA velvet Matte Metallic Lip Lacquer

To say I hated everything about these lipsticks might be an understatement. I literally wanted to wipe these off my lips the minute I put them on. You can read my full review here.

Lottie London Shadow Swatch Palettes

While these palettes weren’t terrible, they weren’t great either. The pigment wasn’t really there, and the shadows were really powdery, and I just really wasn’t impressed. However, the colour range is stunning, and I really wished they were lovely! I also really dislike the packaging…. it just looks cheap.

Miss Sporty Peel Off Nail Polish Base

I forgot to photograph this (whoops), but I feel like something has to be said. Does nail polish peel of really easily with this nail polish? Yes. But, does your whole nail polish also peel off basically within hours of applying it? Yes. So, it really isn’t helpful. I painted my nails at about 7pm, and by the time of me going to bed (at 11pm), I was already missing 4 nails… and all I’d been doing was using my laptop and watching tv… crazy.

Lottie London Mermaid Glow Highlighter

For me, this just comes out as a green tinge on your skin… it actually sorta makes you look ill. But maybe I’m just too pale… who knows.

I Heart Makeup Goddess of Love Triple Baked Highlighter

I feel really bad for including this, because while the highlighter is pretty, it just looks like a bright gold streak on my face… which is because I’m pale AF! Just thought I’d prewarn you super pale girls out there!

New Look Matte Velvet Lip Cream in Royal

While this is a stunningly dark, vampy lip, and it applies like a dream, it leaves a really weird line on the inside of your lip. I get this would happen, but you can see it when your lips are shut.. and that just ain’t pretty.

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GOSH Click ‘N Conceal 

Not only does this take about an hour to actually get out the packaging, but for the lightest shade this is super super super pink… and really dark. Really not helpful GOSH, thanks….

MUA Blush Perfection Cream Contour Duo in Frolic

I really don’t know what MUA were thinking when they designed this product. The idea is that you have a contour shade on one half and a blush on the other, but realistically it just blurs into one horrible muddy shade. The contour shade is a horrible, super warm… less than pleasant looking brown, and the blush is a super vibrant pink. Looks and feels cheap.

Fleur de Force Lip Gloss in Starry Starry Night 

While I think the colour looks gorgeous, I find it comes across super patchy on the lips and feels really think.. and well glossy. And I had to take it off literally straight after applying it.

Freedom Contour Brush

I also bought the eyeshadow blender brush, and sorta liked it, so I don’t think it’s the entire range, but this brush is definitely a miss. It just sorta plonks the product on your face… and thats it… it’s there and it ain’t budging… great.

Model’s Own Matte Liquid Lipstick in Candy Cane

While I think I’m going to keep this, because the colour is super pretty. It has such a strong Candy Cane scent that it actually super overpowering and it’s also super drying. So… it has it’s ups and downs… just wish this colour was in another formula.

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Sorry to be so negative, but I really wanted to share my thoughts with you!

Katie x

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