Review | Model’s Own Makeup

Model's Own Makeup Review
Model's Own Makeup Review

I purchased a load of products from Model’s Own a while ago. And yes, you, like I did, are probably thinking what/who are Model’s Own? And yes, I mean Model’s Own not Model Co. While they are still relatively small when compared to Maybelline or Mac, I still loved everything I bought from them, and so I thought I’d share with you an update.

Nail Polishes in Chrome Grey and Chrome Copper

Ok, so these are what drew me to the store in the first place (btw I bought these from MK Shopping Centre and they were on 6 items for £20). I mean metallic nail polishes!? C’mon! But seriously guys, if you are looking for a nail polish that dries rapidly, then this is your one. I painted the first coat, got to the end (i.e. my 10th finger), and the first nail was completely dry, and so I repeated with the second coat, and ditto! So seriously for their drying power alone I am in love with these. Their staying power is about average, and they come off fairly easily.

Not sure the colours actually entirely suits me, but they’re still colours I am very happy to have in my collection with the words quickest drying nail polish ever.

Model's Own Makeup Review

Nail Beads

Now, I’m still not entirely sure I understand these. Basically you apply nail polish and while it’s drying (so you can’t really use the Model’s Own ones.. they dry too quickly.. can’t believe I’m saying that), you pour them onto your fingernail/dip your finger into them and then you have gold balls on your nails… Now, while the idea sounds cool, it just looks like you’ve stuck beads to your nails… so I’m not sure I’m convinced.

Model's Own Makeup Review

Eyeshadow Palette in Nude and Smokey

These eyeshadows have the weirdest texture, you think they’re going to be a cream formula, and to begin with that’s what they feel like. But then when you put them onto your eye they turn into a really soft powder texture. They blend incredibly easily together and are definitely build able, but still pigmented. What I’d have to say is apply an eye primer before you use these, as it will help prolong their staying power. And they lack in the colourful options. But for everyday these palettes are amazing!

Model's Own Makeup Review


This mascara claims length, curl, definition and volume. And while it does supply an ample amount of definition, and gives you that natural, fluttery eyelashes, and it doesn’t clump, it doesn’t give me the volume I love. It claims on the back to be a ‘false lash effect mascara’ – which I do not agree with. However, if you’re looking for a natural, everyday mascara that doesn’t clump and makes you look feminine and ‘naturally put together’, then this is your one.

The brush comes with sorta two sections, one side has really short bristles, to build volume, and the other has longer bristles to give you that length, definition and curl you want.

Model's Own Makeup Review

Eye Pencil

A positive thing about this eye pencil is once it’s there it aint going anywhere. It also looks really pretty with the glitter mixed in with the green. However, it’s very hard, it takes a lot of work to get the colour payoff (but once it’s there it’s stunning) and it sorta hurt my eye. So, if you’re going to use this pencil, soften it with your hair dryer, and it works a dream. It just seems like a lot of work… but if you put the time in, it is pretty.

So these are my thoughts of the products I picked up, I hope you enjoyed reading my thoughts on everything! What would you like to try from Models Own, and is there anything you would recommend?

Katie x

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    1. They’re a cheap brand that are actually not too bad. I like the eyeshadow palettes, and with a really good topcoat, the nail polishes are great (because they dry SO quickly) 🙂 x

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