The NEW New Look Makeup Range


(Left to Right) 3 Matte lipsticks, 3 Moisturising lipsticks, Lip Crayon, Lip Pencil
Top to bottom: Highlighter, 4 Eyeshadow swatches, and 1 swatch with a wet brush.

I recently purchased some of the New Look makeup range – if you didn’t know, they just re-launched their entire makeup range and it should be in stores now (well it is in mine). And I thought I would share with you my initial thoughts on the products I’ve tried.

I thought the best way to try some of their lipsticks would be to buy the 6 Pack Matte and Moisturiser Lipstick Set (£12.99). The 3 moisturising lipsticks are beautiful, they’re pigmented but super comfortable. So they look really flattering. And I know I will get a lot of use out of them. The Matte lipsticks I have mixed opinions on. They’re a lot thicker and heavier, you really feel like you’re wearing a lipstick.

The lip liner is super pigmented, and creamy and not drastically drying. I got it in the shade Orchard Pink and for £2.49 it’s super affordable. The lip crayon is super pigmented(!) and also surprisingly comfortable. There is a very distinctive line between your lipstick and the inside of your mouth (if you understand what I mean), but I’m not sure if that’s because Dark Purple is quite a bold colour, I don’t know. But it’s a matte finish, and at £4.99 it’s a great price!

I’m going to try be positive about this, but I’m not sure how. For £12.99 I expected so much more from the Eyeshadow Palette. The choice of colours was beautiful, however the pigment just wasn’t there… so any eyeshadow you created were a bit meh. Also, when it arrived in the post it was smashed…

The last product was the one I was most excited for; the Pink Pearls Glow Baked Highlighter. At £7.99 it was a pretty average price. However, it is not an average highlighter. The glow from this is real, and I’m glad the hype was right with this.

Have you tried anything from the new New Look range?  If so, what do you think?


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