New | PS…/Primark Chocolate Makeup

PS.../Primark Chocolate Makeup Review
PS.../Primark Chocolate Makeup Review

So the PS… range at Primark has launched an entire Chocolate range giving off real TooFaced vibes (but actually being different and not a direct dupe). I’ve seen some other reviews online and people absolutely love them… so I had really high hopes.

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The packaging is fairly simple. They all come in cardboard packaging which is not the most sturdy thing. However, overall it is actually super adorable. Everything in the whole range is under £6 each and so it is super super affordable.

PS.../Primark Chocolate Makeup Review

The Primark Contour and Eye Palette is the centre point of the collection. At the most expensive of the range prices of £6, the palette includes 10 warm, neutral eyeshadows. It has the signature chocolate scent of the entire range, and ultimately it is very cute. However, the eyeshadows are very so so. They have a bit of pigment to them, and then blend fairly well. But essentially the colours are all very similar and I think MUA and MUR do eyeshadow palettes much better for a lot less.

Then there are two more eyeshadow palettes in the form of the Primark Eye Palettes in Milk and White Chocolate, these look a lot like contour palettes… but still. They include 3 shades – a ‘highlight’ a cooler-toned brown and then a super warm brown shade. These are actually pretty good… I don’t entirely get the point of these palettes… but they’re not bad.

PS.../Primark Chocolate Makeup Review

The Primark Cheek Palette is adorable. It includes a highlighter, two blushes and bronzer in adorable little heart shaped pans. Reviews online RAVE about this palette.. however, once again, things come up a little bit flat.. The bronzer and the blushers are ok.. however I find the highlighter too glittery. I want a highlighter that provides more of a sheen or a wet look.. but this is just glitter…

The Primark Bronzer is absolutely stunning. It looks so much like a chocolate and cream ice cream pot! This is quite a dark bronzer for my skin tone, but if you like a shimmery bronzer, then you will probably quite like this. It’s not bad.

PS.../Primark Chocolate Makeup Review

The Primark Highlighter once again is pretty glittery, but this time with a more pink undertone. I think I prefer this to the one in the palette… but it’s still way to shimmery…

The one thing I physically can’t ever wear ever again are the Primark Chocolate Molton Gloss Lip Kits. I mean they applied pretty well, the applicator (a sponge) was actually super soft on the lips and they felt very comfortable. However, it stunk. The chemical, sweet scent was so overpowering it made me want to be sick. I honestly couldn’t stomach it… so I don’t actually know how it wears…

PS.../Primark Chocolate Makeup Review

I see people trying the new makeup from Primark and absolutely love it.. and I honestly can’t see why, or I feel like I’m completely missing something. However, these are my honest opinions..

Have you tried this makeup? If so, what were your thoughts?

Katie x

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14 thoughts on “New | PS…/Primark Chocolate Makeup

  1. I honestly feel like the Primark makeup is of poor quality and I’m always afraid that it will cause allergies. I am unable to apply their products on my face! When I comes to my skin I prefer to spend more money in a good quality product or in a cheap brand that I trust. Essence and MUA are equally cheap and I know they are safe!

    1. I know exactly what you mean! However, people were absolutely raving about their new makeup products.. so I thought I’d try them… I just didn’t feel the same way! I prefer MUA/MUR soooo much more!

  2. I’m not super keen on this range, I like the eyeshadow trios but the face palette is really powdery! I think their products are really hit and miss but I find that with most brands! It’s a nightmare trying to find stuff in Primark usually but their pure glow highlighters are really nice!

      1. I have a friend who just refuses to try anything from there but in my experience it’s just trying to find the products that are nice when some stuff really isn’t!

      2. Well.. it is Primark, I do kind of get her thinking… but in terms of the hit and miss part, it’s like that with a lot of makeup brands to be fair.. 😛

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