New | Rimmel Rita Ora Collection

Rimmel Rita Ora Collection Review
Rimmel Rita Ora Collection Review

Rimmel seem to pair up all the time with Kate Moss and Rita Ora… they basically sum up the brand in two people. Kate Moss’ collections are usually elegant, sleek, natural, pretty and everything I stand for. On the other hand, Rita Ora is more edgy and bold (hence the stunningly bold red packaging), which is slightly more out of my comfort zone, but I’m super excited to see.

The range has an eyeshadow palette, mascara and two lipsticks, but Rita Ora also has the cutest selection of nail polishes with Rimmel that are only £2.99 and actually pretty good!

Rimmel Rita Ora Collection Review

Wonder’full Mascara Red Instinct by Rita Ora

This is just the standard Rimmel Wonder’full mascara but in limited edition packaging…. which I have to say is something that really annoys me. If you’re going to have a celebrity work on a range with you, at least let them release something new (I mean I know everything else is new, but still. However, the mascara is £7.99 and it’s ok. I feel like Rimmel are the brand of ok mascaras. They all work, they all look pretty good, but they’re never my favourite.

Rimmel Rita Ora Collection Swatches

Lasting Finish Rita Ora Lipsticks

Any old school subscriber will know I love this formula of lipsticks. They were the first lipsticks I ever owned, and either the first or second blog post I ever wrote on this blog was about these mascaras. Rita has come out with two shades of her own; 003 Crimson Love (a deep cherry wine colour) and 002 Red Instinct (a bright red shade). They’re stunning lipsticks, easy to apply, long wearing, satin finish, have a beautiful scent which brings back memories of the beginning of my journey, and the colours are beautiful. Crimson love would have originally terrified me, but actually this is my favourite of the two… you can apply a lighter layer with your finger tip for a stain or apply it full on for a bold lip option. Just LOVE these!

Rimmel Rita Ora Collection Review

Smoke Edition Eye Contouring Palette

The one thing I don’t get about Rimmel and Maybelline as brands is that neither does a good, staple eyeshadow palette… and no way is this that… but it’s a thing that has always annoyed me about both of these brands. This is a new colourway of a range/product that already exists in Rimmel. And while Rimmel eyeshadows are not bad… I just never ever reach for them… they take a little bit of time to work with. This eyeshadow palette is like nothing I have. It’s full of cool toned, grey undertoned shades. But there’s also possibly a reason why I don’t have a palette like this… I don’t wear them, and does anyone really wear them?

Overall, I LOVE the lipsticks, and the mascara is ok (but a bit annoying because it’s just a repackaged product) and then a very meh eyeshadow palette.

Have you tried this range? If so, what were your thoughts?

Katie x

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  1. I haven’t tried this specific collection but I did just pick up one of their palettes in the Colour edition and was actually pretty surprised. However this guy doesn’t really do much for me in its shade range. It would be assumed that about the first five shades would all look the same on me. ❤️

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