30 Things I Want To Do Before I’m 30

30 by 30

Now, I’m only 23… so 30 still feels like miles away for me! However, with the boyf already 30 years old, it got me thinking of all those big and little things I want to do before 30. Why 30 I hear you say? Why not now, or why can’t it wait until you’re 50? Strictly speaking, if money was no object, nothing’s stopping me. But I feel like somewhere, deep down… right now deep deep down, 30 is where (as a female especially) your biological clock starts ticking and kids start being on your mind… and things are just much easier to do without kids… or so I’ve heard!

Also, enjoy the baby/childhood pics


1 Go to Italy | right there at the top. Number 1. The thing I’ve been obsessed with and raving about for as long as I can remember. The country is beautiful, the culture is epic and the food is superb. What more could you want?!

2 Go on a driving holiday | I mean it’s pretty much linked to the top one. But it would be great to hop round a country not having to worry about public transport and having the freedom to go wherever, whenever!

3 Buy a car | I feel like they’re all linking. I mean, I had a car (a little Toyata Aygo), but I sold it when I moved to London… so I’d want to buy another…

4 Move out of London | They’re rolling out! While I love London and all it has to offer, it’s not exactly where I want to settle my roots, so it would be great to have moved out pre-30


5 Move into my own house | Have my own flat… but a house just feels that much more grown up!

6 Learn how to buy and fit curtains | I need new curtains for my current place… and literally don’t even know where to start…

7 Be able to run 5k | I mean one would hope I can do this in the next 6 months or so. But I am unfit… like I take unfitness to a whoooole new level. And I would love to be able to say I can run a whole 5k without stopping… and maybe even in under 30 mins!

Go to the Eden Project | It’s always been one of those things I’ve been marginally fascinated by since… well, not really sure since when, but I’d just love to go!

Have white bed sheets | Slightly a hilarious one, but I feel like you’re so much more an adult when you have plain bedsheets. I’m still very much in that state where I have cacti on my bed sheets… maybe I’ll grow out of it!

10 Have house plants | Like, I’ve not even tried. I could be a house plant pro naturally, but I haven’t even worked that out! I think houses with plants in it look so much more put together, and that’s exactly how I want to be


11 Get married | Ok, sounds slightly terrifying, and like I’m one of those girls with a wedding dress under my bed. I’m really not (can’t even put anything under my bed!), I just want to be married by 30!

12 Have a capsule wardrobe | I still feel like I’m in that stage where I’m trying to find my style, but I think I’m getting there! And when I do, I’d love to have a small wardrobe of really quality pieces!

13 Read most of the classics | So I love reading, it’s one of my favourite past times, but there’s soo many of the classics (Great Gatsby, Handmaids Tale, Moby Dick… you name them) that I haven’t read that it would be great to start ticking them off! I feel like the only two I have are To Kill a Mockingjay and Dracula

14 Own a sofa | So I rent in London, and any of you who also rent in London know the struggle of space. You can only sort of own 5 pieces of furniture, and so a sofa has always fallen off the list! However, I would just love to own one!

15 Visit 5 more countries | I know I said visit Italy as my number 1, but I would love to just travel a bit more and visit 5 more countries I haven’t been to! Or maybe even go to a continent I haven’t been to (like North/South America)

Scan_Pic0016 (3)

16 Own a pet | So I’ve grown up with family pets (dogs/cats), and I had rabbits while growing up, but I’d love to own a pet of my own one day… just don’t tell Leo! haha!

17 Learn how to sew | I’m not sure if it’s a skill you instantly learn when you become a mother or what, but my mum still sews stuff for me when it’s broken! Guilty!

18 Start a scrap book | I currently have a photo album, which is a little out of date, but I love flicking through! It would be great to scrap book a year in my life or something!

19 Start investing/pension/something | When you live in London saving is a foreign concept you can’t really wrap your head around! However, I would love to get to a stage where I can pay into a pension that isn’t just on my payslip or some sort of saving bond, or you know somewhere to put a deposit down on a house. Anything!

Scan_Pic0031 (2)

20 Understand politics | Quite a vague thing I totally appreciate! But we have the privilege to be able to vote, and sometimes I’m there like not sure what I’m voting for!

21 Travel solo | As much as I love travelling with people, and it will always be my preference, I’d love to go somewhere by myself. Even if it’s for one night and it’s only to Wales or something!

22 Get back into drawing | I’m generally a creative person, and I’ve sort of stopped drawing and I really do miss it!

23 See more bands live | While I’m good at going to the theatre or a classical concert… I suck at going to see bands/artists live! Partly because I only have so much money and I’d rather go and see Waitress on the West End, but also because it’s just something I forget about!

24 Iron my clothes | I know how to iron, I’m just lazy!

25 Start reading the news | Going alongside understanding politics, I just want to get into the routine of reading the news! Whether it’s over breakfast, or just at the weekend, I want to be more up to date on what’s going on in the world!

26 Learn a language | I mean would it be a list without something completely unachievable like this?! (not because I’m not capable… just lazy!)

Scan_Pic0019 (2)

27 Learn a concerto/sonata | Quite specific to music, but I’m forever learning one movement from a piano piece, that I never have time to learn the rest of it! I’d love to learn a piece of music from start to finish!

28 Have a birthday party | I mean I obviously did these as a child/teenager, then I turned 19 and stopped doing them… kinda miss it to be honest!

29 Buy Christmas presents before the weekend before Christmas | You remember how every year of school you were all like I won’t leave homework/coursework till the last minute, and every year that was a load of rubbish. yeah, this is the adult equivalent!

30 Make a list of 40 things to do before I’m 40 | Haha, I’m hilarious!

What’s on your list?

Katie x

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  1. I love posts like this! I wrote one of my own last year when I was 23 too, we’re similar in age it seems haha! The 30 things on your list are all achievable, wishing you so much luck! <3

  2. I love this! I definitely need to write one of my own, as it’s nice to have things to aim for. I want to visit Italy again, as it is such a beautiful country and there is so much to see xx

    Hannah | luxuryblush

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