It’s OK To Feel A Little Ugly (Sometimes)

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I can see it now. You all jumping to my defence over the title of this blog post. And mainly that’s because we’re a supportive bunch and we never want to see someone hurt, at least most of us don’t anyway.

But it’s honestly ok – once in a while

If you felt like it 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 54 weeks of the year… then maybe be a little concerned. But just every so often, it’s perfectly natural to look in the mirror and see faults. See that podgy bit that doesn’t seem to go away. The spot breakout at 23 you thought you wouldn’t be having anymore. The chin that’s just a little too pointy.

I’ve just returned from a trip to Italy (more about that later), and there was a point I found myself being comforted by my other half after I realised I wasn’t in the mood for sex because I just didn’t feel sexy.

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It’s obvious why. I stopped going to the gym a few weeks back after work got a bit full on and started stress eating instead, and my clothes are just that bit tighter. And I know you don’t have to be slim to be happy and you can read and write all the empowering blog posts in the world about how you should love yourself in your own skin no matter what. But sometimes you can just see you’ve put weight on. Weight that’s suddenly so visible you can’t help but see it. Weight you shouldn’t have put on if you lived your normal life (ie. not eating a whole tub eating of Ben and Jerry’s followed by a pack of Haribo…).

I know what will happen. I’ll be back in the gym and back on the diet of just the B&Js (leaving out the Haribo), and before you know it my clothes will fit right again and I’ll be right as rain. But I just wanted to chat. To voice my personal opinion on that matter, which is that…

We can’t feel beautiful and sexy all the time, no matter how many people say we should

Enough said

Katie x

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  1. A lot of things can impact our weight, not just diet. I notice I tend to feel bigger when the weather is warmer and during the cooler months I seem to lose some weight. No one will ever feel sexy all the time and like you say it’s completely normal x

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