Dressing Room Diaries #2 | New Look

dressing room diaries new look

Remember a few months back when I started this new series with one of my favourite shops, Zara (remind yourselves here)? Well, I’m back at it again, with one of my other favourite shops; New Look. Not only did I fancy a meander around the store, but I also had a holiday to purchase for and who doesn’t love a new dress?

Anyhow, after wondering around the shop, these are the 5 outfits I put together from wondering about the shop. As I’m sure you all experience too, some of them are beautiful and some of them look naff, but I thought I’d share them with you anyway!


First up, a classic body con black denim dress! As I’m not one to like having my boobs out, I paired it with a super basic white tee. While this look is mega cute and I would have totally bought it, I unfortunately don’t have unlimited funds. However, would highly recommend this one for any of you who like it! It’s that comfy, stretchy denim that hugs you perfectly, but also lets you move!

White Top – £6.99 | Denim Dress – £22.99


You know when you pick out an outfit thinking oh that’s cute, and then you go to try it on and you’re like oh my god, what was I thinking? Yup, that was me! I’ve been seeing this crochet style vest tops everywhere and really just wanted to try it… but it just made me look frumpy. And then the shorts… somehow made me look very wide! Not my thing at all

Top – £10.99 | Shorts – £12.99


And another one! While the shorts were actually really lovely (though not quite high waisted enough for me), the top was really weird fitting. It was really tight around the chest, but then really loose everywhere else! Nah, not me!

Shorts – £12.99 | Top – £15.99


This is cute! I feel like New Look really do dresses really well! I feel exactly like a stick of rock from the sea side (the sweet… not like sandstone)! It fitted really well and I loved how the top was fitted (yet still covered your bra, always a win right?!) and the bottom wasn’t overly fitted, but also wasn’t massively puffy. I would loved to have bought this, but I’m not sure how often I’d really wear it!

Dress – £25.99


Last up… my favourite one! I love this trend of super small floral print! I have three different style dresses in this style print and I love them all! However, this is just soo cute! I think it’s part of the Rochelle Humes range- but I could have made that up! Just think this is adorable, and so totally bought it!

Dress – £25.99

What’s your favourite outfit?

Katie x

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  1. I love the final floral print dress! It really suits you ☺️ If I wasn’t saving you would have convinced me I needed it in my wardrobe 😆

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