New | L’Oreal Tinted Lip Oils

L'Oreal Lip Oils Review
L'Oreal Lip Oils Review

I usually avoid lip oils because they feel… well.. oily on the lips. However, I saw these by L’Oreal and decided to give them a go. So L’Oreal have launched 4 new lip oils in 4 delicious scents and colours. They look vibrant and summery and very seasonable appropriate.

They’re £8.99 a pop and so reasonably priced, the packaging is sweet and practical and the four shades are super bright and fun. The shades are;

01 – Jelly Peach
02 – Sugar Plum
03 – Pompom Pink
04 – Hot Cerise

L'Oreal Lip Oils Review

These are effectively a tinted oil, however they don’t feel overly oily. They apply onto the lip with a standard dofer applicator. They’re a lightly tinted lip oil that can be built up, but they will never reach the pigmentation of an actual lipstick. They feel super nourishing on the lips, with a little bit of slip. They do transfer oil onto things (food, people, etc), but there is next to no colour transfer. The hydrating balmy/oil feeling sits around on the lips for around an hour and after that your lips just feel soft and the oil leaves behind a super light tint of colour.

L'Oreal Lip Oils Review

For the pink and the peach colour, the tint it so subtle that you barely notice it on your lips. So, effectively you’re wearing it to be an oil as opposed to a tinted lip option. The purple looks a tad off on me… then again, I’ve never found a purple lip option that suits me. However, the red, now the red I LOVE! It looks like you’ve eaten a punnet of berries and they’ve lightly stained your lip (but you can control it and make it even!).

L'Oreal Lip Oils Review

Overall, in my opinion, they’re nice, they feel comfortable and hydrating on the lips, but do have a transfer (if that bothers you). And honestly I feel like Hot Cerise (the red) is by far the best colour!

Have you tried these? If so, what were your thoughts?

Katie x

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