PS… Primark Makeup

PS... Primark Makeup Review
PS... Primark Makeup Review

Primark Makeup has been taking the YouTube world by storm, and while the reviews have been mixed, we are faced with the fact that these are some of the cheapest products out there and, whether we like it or not, Primark has actually come out with some half decent makeup products!

PS... Primark Makeup Review

The Base Products

The Foundation is still a hit with me. For a lightweight, light coverage, semi-matte foundation this is actually really nice. It has the wear time of about 4-6 hours, which isn’t the longest time, before it starts to look funny on my skin, but it’s still a product I use to this day. The Concealer stick (which I have in shade dark) has sparked an interest in using concealers in darker shades for a contour shade – I mean come on, they’re designed to blend well! However, the Foundation stick has already basically dried up, and drags massively on my skin, clings to dry patches, and basically just doesn’t work.

PS... Primark Makeup Review

Eye Products

The eyeshadows are a mixed bunch, some of the darker shades are fairly pigmented, but the lighter shades are naff. And there is a significant amount of fall out. However, they do blend well, which is a good start. The mascara is simple, lengthening, but it basically ends there. It also flakes quite a lot under my eyes… However, the eye pencils are actually really nice. They’re creamy, do not tug, and pigmented, but they do smudge fairly quickly – which I guess is a downfall.

The Lips

The only lip products I’ve tried (to be honest) is the lip pencil. However, these lip pencils are really lovely. They’re creamy, the colour is beautiful and I would buy more of these.

I thought it would be helpful for you to see my opinions after using some of these products for a few more times.

Katie x

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