Review | Scrub Love Coffee Scrub

Review | Scrub Love Coffee Scrub
Review | Scrub Love Coffee Scrub

I avoided the whole coffee scrub hype for many months because… well… to put it bluntly I don’t like Coffee (don’t worry guys… I still love tea, I’m still British and I still get my caffeine fix to make me a human being). However, I received this Mint Scented Scrub from Scrub Love and it’s changed my perception of Coffee scrubs completely.

Firstly, just look at the packaging, it’s adorable! Mint green and polkadots, what more could you want? The coffee scrub comes in this resealable package with instructions on the back.

What is it?

This is effectively a grounded, roasted, organic coffee with a few added extras. The coffee helps to exfoliate and stimulate circulation. The other ingredients include; Peppermint oil (to help hydrate the skin, and add that beautiful minty texture), Tea Tree Oil (an antiseptic for healing and softening), dead sea salt (more exfoliation!), Argan Oil (a BRILLIANT moisturiser) and Aloe Vera (packed with vitamins and highly nourishing for your skin).

Scrub Love is rougher than a powder, but not super lumpy… wow that was a terrible explanation. Basically it’s got the texture of a powder, but with larger particles that help exfoliate. It has a slightly oily texture, which adds moisture into your skin and helps you rub it into your skin. AND it smells incredible!

Review | Scrub Love Coffee Scrub

How To Use

According to their website, and the back of the package this is how you use it;

  1. Get naked. Yep, Scrub Love works best in the shower or tub.Grab a handful of scrub and gently rub it into your skin (little circles rule) – no need to go too hard, though – our sweet ingredients and natural oils help make your skin super glowy.
  2. Got five? Leave the scrub on for as long as you can to give your skin life.
  3. Rinse off and then swoon over how soft and amazing your skin looks and feels.
  4. Keep your Scrub Love handy in the bathroom – use three to four times a week for reach-out-and-touch-me skin.

I found wetting your skin slightly before use made it easier and more gentle on the skin, and only left it for 3 mins (I’m lazy… and impatient). However, it did leave my skin feeling super soft! You can tell how well it works because of how soft my hands feel from rubbing it in! – They literally feel like a baby’s hands…

I bet, like me, you’re concerned about the mess of a coffee scrub. Realistically I share my house with 3 other flat mates, who I am sure would not want to come into a bathroom full of coffee granuals. However, this washes away really easily and doesn’t stain! So, no worries there.

Review | Scrub Love Coffee Scrub

When you leave the shower it leaves your skin feeling super smooth, fresh, tingly, and smelling amazing! It’s a great scrub to use in the morning as I find it really awakening and fresh. There are currently 3 products available; Original Love, Coconut Affair and (of course) Mint Temptation. And can all be bought from the Scrub Love Website from £11.95.

Have you ever tried a coffee scrub? If your answer is no.. give this one a try!

Katie x

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