New | Bourjois EyeCATching Mascara

Bourjois EyeCATching Mascara Review
Bourjois EyeCATching Mascara Review

Bourjois already have a few mascaras that I love, and so finding out they’re launching a new mascara is an exciting prospect! Launched alongside their Eye CATching eyeliner (review up yesterday), this is Bourjois’s Eye CATching mascara,  At £11.99, it puts it at the higher end of mascaras and the packaging is fairly chunky, but when you see the brush you’ll understand why.

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Bourjois EyeCATching Mascara Review

The wand is a really unusual shape, an almost pear shape that curves out with thick, dense, bristles this mascara seems a little intimidating. The brush does also pick up quite a lot of product, and I feel like I have to spend a few seconds wiping off the excess on the wide of the tube (as you can kind of see in the photo). However, despite it’s ridiculous size, it’s actually a really nice mascara want to use! the curved shape means it’s really easy to coat a lot of lashes at once, and as long as you look down as you apply it, then you won’t end up with it all over your lid.

The mascara is super black, and very volumising, kind of lengthening, neither curling nor the kind of mascara that makes your eyelashes flop straight, and it’s not too clumpy. However, it is a volumising mascara, and so there is some degree of clump…

Bourjois EyeCATching Mascara Review

The mascara stays on your lashes and you don’t end up with small black flecks all over your face, which is a definite plus!

Overall a really good mascara. Is it my favourite and my new ride or die? Probably not. But do I still recommend it and will continue to use it? Totally!

Have you tried this? If so, what are your thoughts?

Katie x

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