Review | Nars Narsassist Palette

Review | Nars Narsassist Palette
Review | Nars Narsassist Palette
Review | Nars Narsassist Palette
Review | Nars Narsassist Palette Swatches

My Nars Isolde duo has become such a firm favourite in my makeup collection, I have been so unbelievably impressed with their quality I decided to fork out £55 on a palette! I treated myself to the Nars NARSassist palette a little while back and thought I would let you know my thoughts.

Ok, so £55 sounds like a lot, but when you compare it to the £25 I spent on only 2 shadows with the Isolde duo, the price begins to look a lot better.. and you do get 12 shadows for that price… making them £4.50(ish) a pop, it makes the price actually sound pretty reasonable.

The packaging is sturdy, if not a little bulky. It has a beautiful mirror-like gold front, 12 good sized pans of eyeshadows and a large mirror – big bonus. The packaging feels weighty and good quality, so good start.

Now, I was not at all surprised to find that the quality of these eyeshadows are impressive! Really impressive! They’re super pigmented (actually sometimes even too much – especially with the darker shades, a light hand is key!), they blend really nicely into each other, and the shimmers are just stunning! The darker two shades (the dark brown and black), so skip a little, meaning the pigment goes a tad patchy, so it’s best to work with these shades in small layers – which I mean you really should be with dark shades anyway – but overall, very impressive.

The colour palette is nothing exceptional, the colours are nearly all what you’ve seen before. I do, however, love the orange shade (swatched above), I feel like it’s super fun but also really wearable! However, while I have 100 variations on this in my collection, it’s still one I find myself reaching for and using, and so I really can’t complain – it’s what I know and love.

To be honest, £55 for this palette is not obscene, and I would kinda justify the price..

Have you tried this palette? If so, what are your thoughts?

Katie x

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