Tested | Modern Renaissance Dupe?

Tested | ABH Modern Renaissance Dupe?
Tested | ABH Modern Renaissance Dupe?
Tested | ABH Modern Renaissance Dupe?

Whenever you see a dupes post, one of the items always duped (or at least it always seems to be) is the Anastasia Modern Renaissance Palette. I feel like there are 101 dupes out there, and one I always see coming up is the Makeup Revolution New-Trals Vs Neutrals palette. And, as I had it in my collection, I thought I would test it out.

Obviously, the packaging is nowhere near the same. However… side point, I prefer the Makeup Revolution Packaging, the packaging is sturdier, the eyeshadow pans bigger, and the mirror is bigger.

While the formula of the ABH palette is out of this world, the formula of the Makeup Revolution palette is still very impressive for it’s price point (the ABH palette being £43, and the Makeup Revolution palette being £9.99)!

At first glance there are some similarities, they both contain a beautiful array of warm red-tones and neutrals.. however, I would say, it’s not really much of a dupe… realistically there are only a few shades of direct comparison (which are mostly pictured below), and the Makeup Revolution has more grey tones in there, and the ABH palette has more chocolatey tones… However, I will discuss the four shades below

Tested | ABH Modern Renaissance Dupe?

Tempera (ABH) – Bias (MR) | this is your all over the lid shade to set down whatever product you’ve put down first (be that eyeshadow primer or concealer). Both these shades are very similar.

Buon Fresco (ABH) – Neutral (MR) | The purple-toned taupe. However, there is significantly more purple in the ABH shade than in the Makeup Revolution shade…

Realgar (ABH) – Trend (MR) | This and the next are the better of the dupes. I have to say I love this orange shade! And they really do come out on the lid as a very similar shade

Venetian Red (ABH) – Tone (MR) | The Makeup Revolution shade is a tad more deeper in shade, but they are unbelievably similar.

Other shades that look similar; Vermeer (ABH) and Style (MR) (a pale pink shimmer) and Cyprus Umber (ABH) and Custom (MR) (a deep brown).

What dupe have you discovered for this palette, and I can always try it out!

Katie x

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  1. I have only tried a couple of MR palettes and I wasn’t super impressed. However it was when they first came to Ulta and I’ve heard they are exponentially better quality now so I’m excited to give them another try! Thanks for sharing! xo

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