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I feel like I am so far behind on this trend, but here I am, nearly a year late, just getting hold of the British Beauty Blogger palette by Makeup Revolution, called Fortune Favours the Brave. I thought I’d let you know my thoughts, however late.

The palette contains 30 shades for £9.99! Which. Is. Just. Insane! There are a beautiful array of matte, shimmer and glittery shades which cover both your natural everyday and your deep smokey eye look. The palette literally spans from a white to a black, with a beautiful array of blues, nudes, bronzes, pinks and a purple.

The packaging is also pretty good. A plastic, gold/yellow packaging with a massive mirror. The pans are fairly small, but for the price you really can’t complain, and they seem to be laid out in a reasonable order.

The formula of Makeup Revolution palettes, especially for their price, is impressive anyway. But, I feel like this one is just a slight notch above most. Like most of Makeup Revolution Palettes, there are some shades in there that are a little powdery and not really very nice to work with, but on the whole the formula is really good. The shades are pigmented, easy to blend, surprisingly long lasting (the mattes more than the shimmers), and it’s a strong palette.

Unfortunately the black comes out more of a dark brown than a black, but I feel like I’m trying to find errors now…

Have you tried this palette, if so, what were your thoughts?

Katie x

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