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Max Factor really do some of the best mascaras out there – and at £9.99 their new Masterpiece Lash Crown Mascara is actually one of their cheaper mascaras. And there’s no way you could say this is just the same as every other mascara out there.. because the wand is… different.

So, packaging. I actually quite like this packaging. Black and gold is a classic combination, it’s simple, but still has a little bit of interest. It’s not too clunky, but has a bit of weight to it to make it feel luxurious. And, all in all, no complaints.

The wand… ok I still can’t decide if I love or hate this. It’s super difficult to get to grips with to start off with – it feel so unnatural to have that weird bobble on the end. It makes getting those hard to reach lashes super super easy to get to! However, I found for the first couple of goes, the bobble on the end actually makes applying it to most of my lashes and my lower lashes really hard. However.. it was something I got used to, and now I barely notice.

The formula is basically identical to the Max Factor Masterpiece mascara, good at lengthening and definition with a little volume and not at all clumpy. The shape of the brush means you get a great even application that makes your lashes look super fluttery.

It is a slightly wet formula, so you have to be a little careful while it’s drying, and make sure you remember to curl your lashes before applying, because my lashes can go a little straight with this mascara otherwise.. but other than that, I found it to be a really good mascara!

Have you tried this? If so, what are your thoughts?


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