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Barry M have launched eyeshadow palettes before.. this is no news. And I have to say they’ve never excited me. I’ve always felt very meh about the eyeshadow palettes and they’ve tended to gather dust. However, I thought I would give them the benefit of the doubt and give Barry M another chance.

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So Barry M are launching 3 new makeup palettes; Crown Jewels, Meteor Shower, and Fall in Love. Crown Jewels and Fall in Love are £6.49, making them one of the cheaper palettes on the market. Meteor showers is a little more at £9.99 for actually less shades, but you’ll find out why…. On first swatches I have to say I wasn’t overly impressed.. however, you’ll find out pretty soon that I actually, kinda fell in love!

The packaging | I hate cardboard packaging. I always have and I always will. It gets battered and feels cheap, and it Revolution can do stunning plastic packaging, why can’t anyone else? However, the designs on the front are nice and the pan sizes are ok. And they come with a mirror, which is handy.

Barry M Eyeshadow Palettes

Fall in Love | In the swatches above this palette looks like it’s going to be shocking… but I don’t understand what it is about this palette, but it just applies onto the eyes so much nicer than in these swatches. Don’t get my wrong, they’re no ABH pigment, but they’re far stronger than they come up in this picture. I also love the shades – warm neutrals…

Barry M Palette 1

Meteor Shower | If you’re looking for a palette with some really unusual shades, most of which you will have unlikely seem before, this is the one you want! It has less shades in than the other two, but everything about it is just so much more interesting. There are a number of stunning two-toned shades in there that reflect the light in just such a stunning way. Once again, the formula is not the best in the world or anything, but the colours are just extraordinary!

I know this palette is percentage wise a lot more than the other two, especially considering it only has 8 shades in comparison to 10. However, I feel like a lot more thought, time and effort has gone into making this palette.

Barry M Eyeshadow Palette Swatch

Crown Jewels | I feel like this is basically the shimmer to the Fall in Love matte palette. I can’t really explain it, but I feel like these palettes really do go as one. However, some very pretty shimmery shades, that blend well, apply well, they do fade in shimmery-ness throughout the day, but the colour stays well. The pop of blue is very fun, and some beautiful coppery shades.

Barry M Eyeshadow Palette 2

All in all, I feel like these are Barry M eyeshadow palettes I will actually reach for! Which I feel like, for me, is a big change in my view of the brand. I do feel like the three palettes actually really compliment each other, and they almost act as one mega palette… and the formula isn’t quite there – the pigment on some shades is a little wishy-washy and the lasting power isn’t out of this world – but they blend really nice, you can create some stunning and unusual eyeshadow looks with them… and all in all, I feel like Barry M have really stepped up their game!

Have you tried these? If so, what are your thoughts?

Katie x

13 thoughts on “New | Barry M Eyeshadow Palettes

  1. I’ve thought about trying these- especially the Meteor palette but I think I’m put off that Barry M as a brand rarely impress me (plus I have enough eyeshadow palettes to easily see out my whole life!) x

  2. Sadly I haven’t tried eny of these since Barry M is not available in Sweden, but I would definitely like to. Especially the shades in the Meteor Shower Palette and the Crown Jewels Palette appeal to me. And regarding the cardboard packaging I do agree with you partly, but at the same time they are very light-weight and easy to bring which I really appreciate.

    I btw love the structure of this post, it’s very clear and makes it easy to find the wanted information.

    1. Such a shame! I don’t think Barry M has actually made it that far in Europe…
      And thanks 🙂 I didn’t want to spam my blog with three separate reviews of Barry M palettes, so I’m glad it made sense 😛

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