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ASOS Makeup Line Review
ASOS Makeup Line Review
ASOS Makeup Line Review
ASOS Makeup Line Review
ASOS Makeup Line Review
ASOS Makeup Line Review and Swatches

I feel like there has been so much hype around this makeup line that I just had to give it a go! Let’s face it, there’s not a lot ASOS can’t do!

The packaging is a little childish, but sturdy, distinctive and practical. The palettes come with mirrors, the lipstick is a nice shape, the mascara a little large, and the pan sizes are good.. overall, not a bad start.

With everything under £12, the price is right as well.

I feel like I’m going to start with the stand out product in the range – the lipstick. I have mine in the shade uncompromising, a super flattering deep pink/mauve raspberry shade. This lipstick is pigmented, easy to apply, comfortable and creamy on the lips, has good lasting power and a very pretty matte finish. At £7 it’s a really good price, and definitely a product I would recommend.

And, also, to be fair, the contour palette is not bad. The highlighter in this palette is very pretty, not super natural as it packs a bit of punch, but not so blinding you can’t see yourself wearing it everyday. The contour and bronzer are ok, nothing out of this world, but they work just fine. However, the formula of this palette is a tad powdery, and without a good setting spray you can see a sort of texture on your skin.

The bronzer is very warm, which may work for some people, but on a super pale person like me it just looks a tad… orange. However, it’s a nice formula, it’s not too pigmented, easy to blend, overall a good powder.

The liquid lip is so drying. OMG is this drying. It’s verging on so uncomfortable you just have to take it off. I have mine in the shade over qualified, which is a stunning shade (very similar to the lipstick), but I just can’t wear it.

I decided to go for the eyeshadow palette in Devoted, because who doesn’t love a palette full of neutrals with a pinkish-undertone. If ASOS are going for super natural, then they’ve aced it with this palette… because it really creates a no makeup-makeup look. Which, if you’re into, great. However, I expected these shadows to pack a little more punch. The shimmer shade is very pretty, however!

The mascara is not bad. Once you get over the excessively large brush (which makes application a little messy) and very chunky packaging it does everything you would want a mascara to do – volume, length and definition.

All in all, avoid the liquid lips and eyeshadows (unless you’re into that barely there eyeshadow look), but go for the lipsticks! The mascara, bronzer and contour palette are a good contender.

Have you tried the ASOS makeup range? If so, what are your thoughts?

Katie x

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