New | L’Oreal Cheryl’s Lip Kits

L'Oreal Cheryl's Lip Kits Review
L'Oreal Cheryl's Lip Kits Review
L'Oreal Cheryl's Lip Kits Review
L'Oreal Cheryl's Lip Kits Review
L'Oreal Cheryl's Lip Kits Review
L'Oreal Cheryl's Lip Kits Review and Swatches

Those of you who have been here before know I love the L’Oreal Lip Paints (especially the Lacquer version), and here they are jumping on the bandwagon and releasing lip kits. This time with Cheryl’s name stamped on the front of them.

At £9.99 for a liquid lip and a lip liner, they’re really not that expensive and it places them very much towards the bottom end of the price scale.

There are three colours to the range; Babe (the peach-toned lip kit that is most flattering on most skin tones), Nudist (the super cool-toned mauve colour, which I have to say doesn’t really suit me because I’m a warm eyeshadow kinda girl), and Stripped (the super deep red-toned brown). Three completely different, but somewhat neutral, shades. I have to say none of the shades are my everyday kinda shades, however Stripped does look stunning and is very Autumn/Fall appropriate.

The lip liner is super creamy, it doesn’t tug at all – it is single handedly the easiest and most comfortable lipliner I have ever worn. However, due to this, it’s not actually super long wearing, sort of defeating the object of wearing a lipliner… although I have to say, I would happily wear these lipliners on their own.

The L’Oreal Lip Paints are the same as ever; super sweet scented, slightly thick (I find applying them with a lip brush the best option), but not too drying, pigmented and come in some amazing shades.

For some reason… pair the two together and it just doesn’t work. I literally can’t explain why. The products by themselves are pretty good and definitely ones I would reach for.. but put them together and the lipstick weirdly separates and begins to flake. I don’t know if it’s just me, or what… but I would never use these products as they were intended to be used – as a kit. Separately, however, would recommend.

Have you tried these? If so, what are your thoughts?

Katie x

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2 thoughts on “New | L’Oreal Cheryl’s Lip Kits

  1. I’ve seen these in Boots and superdrug but haven’t picked them up yet. I love the lip paints but yet to try the lip liners- looks like they’ve just put two existing products together in a box with Cheryl’s name on it though!

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