NEW: Body Shop Down To Earth Eye Palettes


My love of the Body Shop is actually getting out of hand! Like seriously guys, someone needs to control me – I’ve just spent £99 on an advent calendar by them…

However, I thought I would share with you my thoughts on their newest makeup products; their new Down To Earth Palettes. I have three of their quads and I am head over heels in love!!!!

So, there are 5 quads in the range at £15 each, and one 8 shade eyeshadow palette, which costs £22.


First, let’s talk packaging. So, they come in this really sleek black packaging, and the eyeshadows are in squares. The coolest thing about these palettes is that you can take the eyeshadows out, and so you can mix and match them! They pop out – with a fairly forceful push from the back – and then pop into other shadows. I feel like this is such a cool idea; I know they’re not the first brand to do it, but still appreciate it.


All the palettes are made up when you buy them, and so, like 99% of palettes out there, you can’t remove shades and replace them in the shop. However, I feel like it would be really awesome if they would sell them individually, because I feel like these are an AMAZING alternative to Mac.


Let’s talk formula. Now the formula of these are TO DIE FOR. They are actually so stunning. With one easy swatch, the colour pay off is awesome, they blend out so well, and the fall out is actually fairly minimal. There is one matte shade in each palette, and 3 shimmery ones. A few of the paler shades are not quite for vibrant; however, I’m not sure if it’s because they’re so close to my SUPER PALE complexion, that they just have no chance in showing up.


Down To Earth (03) Palette – (I know, such an inspiring name) Contains, what appears in the palette, to be a pale pink and 3 greys. However, they come out on the skin with a two-toned green/grey. And, to be honest, I have no other shades like them.


Down To Earth (01) – Now these are 100% my shades! The palest shade is actually quite pigmented… it’s just too close to my skin tone to really show up. And the other shades are very very beautiful.


Down To Earth (02) – Some more beautiful shimmery shades, and one matte pale shade that would be a perfect base shade to blend everything in to.

I literally love these palettes; have you tried them?


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