New | L’Oreal Pure Clay Masks

New | L'Oreal Pure Clay Masks
New | L'Oreal Pure Clay Masks

I am an avid face mask lover; I apply 2+ a week and I love the benefits it has for my skin. And so, when I saw that L’Oreal  were coming out with their new range of clay mask I knew I had to jump on the bandwagon and try them! L’Oreal are an incredible brand and their products are such great value for money that I went into these masks with high expectations.

New | L'Oreal Pure Clay Masks

I wasn’t disappointed. These face masks are awesome! They have a really thick, clay-like texture, they apply wet and dry onto your skin, and then you wash them off. I decided to use them in a multi mask way; applying the mask to specific parts of my face so that I can reek the full benefits of each mask.

Each pot supposedly contains 10 uses; and I don’t know if I apply my masks too thick or what, but I feel like I would get more like 6 uses out of one of these pots. Which, to be fair, is still great value for money. At £5-8 (depending whether they’re on offer, they are in Boots and Superdrug on the day I’m writing this), for effectively 6 uses (or 10 as they claim), I’m seriously not going to complain.

Each mask contains a blend of three pure clays; Ghassoul Pure Clay, Montmorillonite Pure Clay, and Kaoline Pure Clay. Then they contain their own unique ingredients to target more specific skin issues. They work perfectly for those of you who love to multi-mask; in their sleek, elegant multi-use pot, it allows you to use as little or as much as you want. And the packaging is beautiful!

New | L'Oreal Pure Clay Masks

Purity Mask

(i.e. the Green One) This mask is enriched with Eucalyptus which purifies the skin, leaving is matte-looking, smooth and refreshed. It helps to remove excess oils on the skin; and so would be perfect for oily skin, or for the oily patched of combination skin. It helps to control oil when used regularly. And I use this on my forehead and cheeks; where I tend to get excess oil, and I love it!

Detox Mask

(i.e. the Black One) Enriched with Black Charcoal this really works deep into the pored to draw out impurities. It leaves your skin feeling super clean; like seriously clean. I tend to use this in areas of my face where I break out; I feel like it really helps to clean out, and slightly minimise pores. It has a slight clay/charcoal fragrance to it; as in, it’s a natural fragrance, but there is still a scent there, for those of you who don’t like scented products.

New | L'Oreal Pure Clay Masks

Glow Mask

(i.e. the Red One). This has Red Algae extract in it, and finely milled apricot seeds in it. Apply it like a mask for all the benefits of clay masks, with the added benefit of the Red Algae (known for it’s brightening properties), and then when you wash it off your face it gently exfoliates uneven and dull skin to reveal a natural glow. I think this is my favourite one! It leaves your skin looking so healthy, and ‘glowing from within’ – as cheesy as that sounds.

I am literally obsessed with these! Let me know if you’ve tried them, and what you thought about them?

Katie x

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