My Top 10 Eyeshadow Palettes! The Ones You Need To Buy

I recently recorded a YouTube video where I start out by talking through my favourites and it ends up just me talking through my entire collection, so if you want to see that I’ll link it here, otherwise I thought I’d share with you lot my top 10 eyeshadow palettes of all time. So these are the ones I reach for over everything else in my collection and the palettes getting an arguably unfair share of the love!

There have of course been other palettes I’ve obsessed over (such as the GOSH palettes) that for one reason or another have just slowly fallen off my bandwagon, and I’m sure eventually some of these will too. But either way I wanted to share with you my top favs as I appreciate I talk about SO many eyeshadow palettes on my blog it can be all a little overwhelming!

HUDA Warm Brown Obsessions

We all know this is part of my project 10 pan, and one that I’m really trying to use up as it’s actually not available to buy. Why am I sharing this then you ask? Because it has been one of the most worn palettes in my collection (especially in the last 12 months) and so it would feel wrong not to include it. However, I’m getting it out the way first… but HUDA do have other great palettes!

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HUDA Desert Dusk Palette

And as if by magic, here is the follow up HUDA palette. I felt like I had to include this in there as a follow up for the Warm Brown Obsessions palette, but it also is a gorgeous palette! Is it worth the price tag? Probably not. But do I love having it in my collection and love the array of stunning and unique shades in there? 100%

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Tarte Toasted Palette

Can you tell I like a warm neutral? I feel like this is the King of the warm brown palettes! It’s really quite beautiful and I love the rusty tones in here! And the packaging is just so darn luxe! You could argue there is nothing unique or interesting about this palette, and you may be right… but it’s also why I love it!

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Zoeva Cocoa Blends Palette

I mean how I haven’t reviewed this yet, I’m really not sure! But also mine is now so beaten and battered I’m not sure it would look particularly photogenic anymore! I’ve majorly hit pan on one shade, and not far behind on another. And this black shade is what got me into smokier, darker eye looks. This palette will always hold a special place in my heart! And it’s so thin!

ABH Soft Glam Palette

I feel like every girl should own an ABH palette at some point in their life. There’s just something about them. While their formula is a little crumbly, this colour layout is just perfect! And I’m weirdly a fan these days of the felt packaging. Also, the free brush you get in there is pretty good!

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Vieve The Essential Palette

One of the newest palettes into this collection (having only got this on Boxing Day), this is fast becoming one of my favourite palettes! Glimmer is a stunning inner corner highlight, the warm tones are just stunning and I like having Lavarock in there as a little nod to the cool tones! Just obsessed with this palette…. and I also will keep saying it, the mirror in here is weirdly something else!

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Charlie Betty Beauty The Earth Palette*

The least known of the brands on here, the greens in here have become firm favourites in my daily makeup… well as daily as a green eyeshadow look can be! But also Capricorn is the most stunning eyeshadow topper! I’m just obsessed with this palette and I can’t wait to see what they come out with in 2021!

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Juvia’s Place Masquerade Mini Palette

I’m pretty sure this was my first venture into colourful eyeshadows. But that’s not why I love this palette…. the pigment is insane. Like something on a whole new level! And while it can make it a little daunting to use, it creates some stunning and super vibrant looks. I still need to try more from this brand, but I love how this has some pops of colours, but also those everyday neutrals! Love!

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Morphe x Jaclyn Hill Palette

This has been a firm favourite of mine for a while! And I weirdly travel with it, as it fits very well ontop of your suitcase, but this also really started the warm brown obsessions for me! Could it realistically be half the size? Yes. But I still love it!

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Morphe x James Charles Palette

This is another one of the new palettes in this roundup, but I became pretty obsessed with it pretty fast! There are so many stunning colours in here to help you create pretty much anything you could think of. And something about the packaging means it feels super duper luxe

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*Product was gifted, but all opinions are my own

And there you have it, my top 10 favourite eyeshadow palettes! What are your current obsessions? I’m always on the lookout for new palettes, even if I really don’t need them!

Katie x

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51 thoughts on “My Top 10 Eyeshadow Palettes! The Ones You Need To Buy

  1. I have been wanting the Jacyln Hill Palette for forever & the Juvia’s Place Masquerade Palette is so pretty! Right now my favorite palette is the NikkieTutorials x Beauty Bay Palette!

  2. Truly love the tones on the Vieve and Tarte palette! There’s plenty of them I would buy, but I am crap at applying eyeshadow! The huda warm obsession is so great, it’s one of my sister’s favourite! Thanks for sharing x

  3. I really need to invest in some good eye pallets, my 11 year old daughter actually has more than me, something not quite right there lol. Thank you for your recommendations, will be looking into some.

  4. I absolutely love Tarte and Zoeva eyeshadow palettes! The Toasted palette is gorgeous. I haven’t got any of the others but this Vieve The Essential Palette is beautiful, so many warm colours I wear on the daily! These gold tones are so pretty. Thank you for sharing xx
    Em –

  5. The Huda Beauty palettes look amazing. I would love one but Ive barely worn makeup in the last year so there’s no point in me buying one.

  6. You have such a great collection and a nice mix of neutrals and brights! it’s interesting seeing which ones you’ve really enjoyed and used a lot of as you’ve owned them too! 🙂

    Hope you had a good weekend 🙂 Ours was nice, celebrating Lunar New Year with the family.

  7. I really wanna get at least one ABH shadows but they’re constantly sold out in my place. It’s almost annoying. You have a great eyeshadow palette collection though! I love Tarte shadows, they’re pretty underrated xx

  8. Juvias Place always appeal to me for their pigmentation but I’ve never tried them. That Huda Beauty desert Dusk palette is gorgeous. I love the Huda palettes!

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