The Only 5 Nail Polishes I Use!

5 Nail Polishes

Any of your long term readers will remember when I did that mega long blog post listing the 1001 nail polishes I had (seriously, it was insane – you can read it here for a bit of a throw back if you want!). I pretty much had every Barry M nail polish that had ever come out, and I was also obsessed with the Rimmel Nail Polishes… and, you know, I had pretty much every brand going.

However, flash forward nearly 2 years and I only use 5 (and only own about 8). Crazy right. But I also couldn’t be happier and I feel this is so much more me. So I thought I’d share with you my only 5 nail polishes I ever use!

Nail Polishes

Barry M Aquarium Collection in Mediterranean | This is a gorgeous red/gold reflective nail polish which looks STUNNING in the summer! Not such a nail polish for the Autumn/Winter, but for the time of year we’re going into! Love it! Also, we all know, Barry M is hands down the best nail polish brand out there!

Essie in Bahama Mama | If it’s not Barry M, it’s Essie and this is the best Autumn/Winter shade! Literally stunning. It’s one of those nail polishes that, despite being a super bold colour, only needs 2 coats. It also lasts really well without chipping (which for me is literally like 2 or 3 days… but trust me, that’s a lot for me!) and it’s generally stunning

Nail Polishes 3

Sally Hansen in Pink Pong | This is like the day to day, super easy to wear, super easy to apply, just super easy nail polish! I’m not convinced this is the best nail polish of this selection, and I actually find sometimes it needs that third coat to make it look really opaque! However, the colour is classic and it lasts well, so I just keep using it!

Barry M in Chai | Oh this nail polish is a classic! I don’t think I’ve ever loved a nail polish as much. Tragically the nail polish I used to love wearing this with (Jazzy Jubilant by Essie) was discontinued and mine dried up… but it’s still a gorgeous nail polish. And it’s one I feel like I’m going to run out of and definitely going to repurchase

Nail Polishes 1

L’Oreal in Vert Absynthe | While the grey is my favourite and the nude is my most worn, this one I feel like is the most me and most loved of my collection. I LOVE to wear this with a matte top coat and I feel like people always comment on it when I wear it. Arguable to say which is the most worn of the five, but this one is definitely up there!

Nail Polishes 2

So 5 nail polishes I wear pretty much on rotation and 5 (possibly 4) formulas I REALLY love! Also, favourite top coat? The Barry M Matte Top Coat- it’s dries SUPER fast, has a gorgeous matte finish and it makes your nail polish last longer!

What’s your most worn nail polish?


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