30 Travel Blog Post Ideas

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So… you may have heard. I’m going on holiday. If you’re not fed up of hearing that by the time May rolls around, I’ve not been doing my job properly!

1. x outfits out of x clothes

2. What to pack on your carry on

3. Carry on makeup bag

4. In flight skincare

5. Packing list for a summer holiday

6. Packing list for a winter holiday/city break

7. Best sun lotions

8. After sun skincare routine

9. Travel makeup bag

10. City travel guides


11. Holiday makeup look

12. Holiday photo diary

13. Best outfits to travel in


14. Holiday clothing wishlist

15. Best foundations with SPF

16. Heat resistant/waterproof makeup

17. Travel tips

18. What to pick up in duty free

19. How to protect dyed hair from the sun

20. Heat free hairstyles


21. How to pack for a week in a carry on

22. Best high street sadals

23. FOTD- makeup to travel in

24. What to download on Netflix for the flight

25. The jewellery I travel with

26. Travel capsule wardrobe

27. Home comforts you travel with

28. Holiday prep routine (e.g eyebrows, nails, fake tan, you name it)

29. Travel bucket list

30. Your favourite holiday snaps of all time! (& descriptions of where they’ve come from)

Let me know which you want to see first!

Katie x

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